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Rudy Giuliani spouted some rather confusing words on Sunday, telling NBC's 'Meet the Press' that "truth isn't truth." The strange comment has sent social media... [Read More]
And he does it by providing a safe space. [Read More]
Amy and Brad Hart enjoying Downtown @ Sundown Friday at Downtown Commons. [Read More]
       A new movie called BLACKKKLANSMAN is based on the true story of a black policeman who figured out a way to infiltrate... [Read More]
The attorney who has bedeviled President Donald Trump over his immigration policy and personal indiscretions is floating a possible presidential bid with New Hampshire voters.... [Read More]
Now that it has exhausted 1980s sci-fi tales to use as inspiration, "Stranger Things" is turning to another icon of that decade. [Read More]
And they seem a bit too small for his feet. [Read More]
A string of criminal trials that wrapped up this summer in Boston shows the difficulty of organizing an impenetrable criminal enterprise from a gang of... [Read More]
White House national security adviser John Bolton arrived in Israel on Sunday on the first leg of an overseas trip, and met Israeli Prime Minister... [Read More]
The path out of war looks long and bloody. [Read More]
A pregnant Colorado mother had beaten "all the odds" to conceive despite her health condition, her brother said as records revealed her husband Christopher Watts... [Read More]
There's a need for some running back help in Washington and the most prolific rusher of the active free agents is apparently up for consideration.... [Read More]
Comedian Andy Gross stirred outrage at Indiana's Purdue University, which says the Los Angeles-based performer's act during a student orientation was inappropriate. [Read More]
Local art gallery Athica celebrates their first exhibit in their new location. [Read More]
Disney-loving Mormons are buzzing over a phone case made by an Australian company that features the characters from "Beauty and the Beast" in front of... [Read More]
Brendon Urie did it all at T-Mobile Arena, from floating on a piano to backflipping from a drum riser and covering Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." [Read More]
What type of music Americans listen to may say a lot about their bank account. According to findings from a TD Ameritrade survey released this month,... [Read More]
and... [Read More]
Think you know the answer? Click through to see if you're right! [Read More]
Former White House counsel to President Nixon, John Dean, ripped President Trump on Sunday, saying he doubts Trump has any idea what White House counsel... [Read More]