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Available now in the US, the Samsung Notebook Odyssey Z 'is the ultimate gaming laptop designed for everyday use.'... [Read More]
Tom writes: 'Back in 1998 I had been the proud owner of the original PlayStation, however I was beginning to tire of it slightly. Many... [Read More]
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Episode 1 "Done Running" has the difficult task of laying down the foundations for the rest of the mini-series, whilst also needing to breathe freshness... [Read More]
FIFA 19 EA Access on Xbox One and PC is now live, giving players the chance to play the game before the release of the... [Read More]
NINTENDO Switch has been an immensely popular console since its release, but is the games console backwards compatible? Can you play Wii, Wii U or... [Read More]
Rockstar Games announced that Red Dead Online will debut in November as a free online game for buyers of Red Dead Redemption 2. [Read More]
SquareXO: In terms of narrative-driven visual novel games, this is one of the best. Besides the highly inventive timeline system, the story is one of... [Read More]
A NEW Red Dead Redemption 2 beta is being released this year that will give PS4 and Xbox One players their first taste of the... [Read More]
Red Dead Redemption 2's multiplayer component will be called Red Dead Online. Like GTA 5's Grand Theft Auto Online, it will follow the main game's... [Read More]
ROCKSTAR has confirmed plans to hold a Red Dead Online Beta ahead of launch. Here's everything we know so far. [Read More]
Welcome to "Gaming Memories," a blog series where I reminisce about my favorite video games. I will slowly but surely get to every game on... [Read More]
Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 is great, but all good things must come to an end. If you're just about finished swinging around New York and... [Read More]
SQXO: It's hard to put into words how beautiful and soothing the story of The Gardens Between is, it's unique time progression and reversal mechanic... [Read More]
The fast food giant is handing out access to the gaming subscription service for Xbox One... [Read More]
Game developers and celebrities are coming together to help raise money for the kids' charity. [Read More]
IF your back pain is driving you to distraction, try playing a video game.Over 55s who spent an hour playing "active" video games that involve... [Read More]
Pure PlayStation: The Gardens Between is a perfect indie game that brings together a touching, relatable story with ingenious puzzle and level design, stunning art... [Read More]
Rob Pitt writes: The Gardens Between was one of the few indie titles shown off at Paris Games Week 2017 which really stood out for... [Read More]
PLAYSTATION Classic Mini isn't the only retro console to release in the near future. [Read More]