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Scholarships to play video games. It's not as ridiculous as it sounds. Eight students on Michigan State University's League of Legends team had them last... [Read More]
PLAYSTATION'S PSN network is down, leaving PS4, PS3 and PS Vita players unable to access network features. [Read More]
A reader offers a very honest insight into the difficulties of making friends online when you have Asperger's syndrome. [Read More]
The Las Vegas Film Festival is adding live comedy and independent video games to its lineup when it returns June 6-10. [Read More]
The team at Mixer is attempting to make a huge improvement to games broadcasting on the Xbox One, making it possible for users to plug... [Read More]
"Dancing With The Stars" season 25 has officially begun, and after the teams performed week one routines, the first elimination is looming over them going into week... [Read More]
While Auschwitz is the most notorious of them all, the Nazis established over 40,000 concentration camps between 1933 and 1945. Some were used to force... [Read More]
Hints regarding upcoming story DLC for Final Fantasy 15 has shown up in a new trailer which will lead to more content releases in 2018.... [Read More]
Fresh out of TGS 2017 comes a new Code Vein trailer providing a look at some of the characters. This new Code Vein trailer shows... [Read More]
Alpha Xbox Insider members can get their hands on USB webcam streaming now through Mixer. [Read More]
Doom does indeed run at 30fps and it will also display in 720p. Earlier this week, it was reported Doom would run at 30fps, which... [Read More]
MICROSOFT this week announced that FOUR excellent backwards compatible Xbox 360 games were coming to Xbox One with another BIG title also on the way. [Read More]
Monster Hunter World character creation screenshots and the full presentation regarding customization have been released out of TGS 2017. Capcom released a nice set of... [Read More]
Nvidia has released new Game Ready drivers to support upcoming releases. A new driver from Nvidia, version 385.69, is now available and features support for... [Read More]
According to Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime, the company has "dramatically over-delivered" on Switch stock since the console launched. [Read More]
Almost 10 months later and the Final Fantasy XV Universe continues to evolve on a monthly basis. Square Enix is here to remind you what... [Read More]
The raid resulted in six arrests at two locations. [Read More]
Watch a lap of the challenging Nurburgring 24h track on Gran Turismo Sport, filmed from Playstation VR's social screen at Tokyo Game Show,... [Read More]
Code Vein's developers explains what makes it different from the Dark Souls series, but a clear similarity is the lack of easier difficulty settings. [Read More]