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Kim Kardashian has decided to end her professional and probably even her personal relationship with her assistant, Stephanie Shepherd. On Sunday's episode of "Keeping Up... [Read More]
Sega teased a new Valkyria Project last week and today it's been revealed as Valkyria Chronicles 4 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch... [Read More]
Famitsu recently interviewed Sega Games producer Makoto Suzuki on Shining Resonance Re:frain, the latest game in the Shining series, and he commented on what players... [Read More]
Xbox Live Black Friday sale is go, and it's not even Slightly Grey Monday yet. Microsoft has thrown the doors of its Xbox Live Black... [Read More]
Earlier this year, skill-based gaming was hailed as a way to attract a young audience to the casino floor. [Read More]
Hataraku UFO marks HAL Labs' first title under a newly established company brand, HAL Egg, and Famitsu interviewed HAL Laboratory regarding the new brand and... [Read More]
Amazon Echo (Second Generation) [Read More]
The official US site for Phantasy Star Online 2, which was still confirmed online in June 2017, now shows a DNS error. [Read More]
Grab these 23 collectibles for an Achievement/Trophy (and bragging rights). [Read More]
Need to get around Skyrim but can't stand walking? Here's how to get a sweet new mount for free without having to resort to banditry. [Read More]
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There are 23 collectibles scattered throughout the ships and planets of Battlefront 2. [Read More]
There's no greater feeling than tearing into the latest and greatest games console, cracking open the case, breaking the warranty and staring at its spinnin... [Read More]
Some time ago, Josef Fares of Hazelight, the folks who brought us Brothers, and who are now working on A Way Out, made an observation that really shouldn't... [Read More]
Super Mario Odyssey is certainly pushing Nintendo Switch units in Japan, and a remarkable number of them are bundles with the game. [Read More]
The PlayStation Black Friday Sale Week has gone live at multiple retailers with hardware and software deals. [Read More]
This nonsense with microtransactions and loot boxes has to end. [Read More]
Bethesda is mad keen to ensure that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the adventure to save them all, continues to spread its wings to new... [Read More]
"My husband and I sorta butted heads over if we could do each others jobs. I decided to test myself and see if I could... [Read More]