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Methodist Hospitals says it has lowered its infection rate by using a new kind of catheter. [Read More]
Washington Post says 'science-based' and 'evidence-based' also banned but Health spokesman says report is 'complete mischaracterization'... [Read More]
A cruelty-free alternative to meat-eating is here. [Read More]
More people are choosing to call an Uber than to call an ambulance in case of an emergency, a new study shows. [Read More]
Cell phones can emit radiation? That's what the California Department of Public Health is arguing with the release of new guidelines on how we... [Read More]
"We found that across the whole group at the first session, people who reported more altruistic and grateful traits showed a reward-related brain response when... [Read More]
Primary Partners and Central Florida Affordable Care have joined together forming a group of more than 90 primary care physicians in Central Florida. Also, All... [Read More]
I'm thinking of Mark and Eenee (pronounced "e-knee") Ferrano, recently arrived Annapolitans who decided, first, to anchor their bonus years in Annapolis rather than the... [Read More]
He almost lost all his gear before starting out, and encountered bears, rattlesnakes and dangerous ground, but Tony Or hung in there thanks to friendship,... [Read More]
What is lupus? How long does the flu last? What causes hiccups? [Read More]
If you have wondered why advice is given to avoid giving aspirin to kiddos and teens if they are running a fever or getting sick,... [Read More]
As we approach the Holiday Season, Christmas through the New Year, most of us will have a most joyous and celebrative time. [Read More]
Natural garlic-derived compounds combined with flourine could be used as a potent drug therapy to block tumour growth and formation of blood clots, a study... [Read More]
The study, published in the journal Nature Biomedical Engineering, showed that the new method is better than magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and other cancer surveillance... [Read More]
Everything was unravelling. Panic and severe depression were overwhelming Meradith Frasier and she couldn't understand why. She always knew she wanted to be a mom,... [Read More]
This video gives an overview of Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. [Read More]
The Ruston-Lincoln Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Planet Fitness on Dec. 11. Planet Fitness offers packages beginning at $10 per month. PF... [Read More]
In a study published in the journal Molecules, the researchers hypothesised that adding fluorine into natural garlic-derived compounds would enhance beneficial biological activity. [Read More]
We may have all heard that chicken soup is good for what ails you, but can it actually cure a cold? [Read More]