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Picking up where 'A Year In Space' left off, a new documentary, Beyond A Year In Space chronicles what it's like for U.S. astronaut Scott Kelly to come back... [Read More]
Article: Bernie Sanders, Little White Lies and Terrorism Definition Racism - Finally the United States has called out its own, home grown terrorists; the original terrorists. Has it truly and sincerely done so? Or is this a continuance of the usual psycho-social masturbation that the United States regularly practices? [Read More]
Article: Micro-targeting: How Personal Data Stolen From Facebook Helped Elect Trump - Micro-targeting is a military grade propaganda weapon. Imagine if you had psychosocial profiles on every adult and could: 1) accurately predict an individuals behavior, 2) identify any individual whose actions you want to sway, 3) Immerse each of them in a custom media universe designed to alter voting behaviors w/o their being aware of the manipulation. Did this happen in the 2016 election? Will it happen again in 2020? [Read More]
Article: The Other Mexican Migration - There's another mass migration coming across the U.S.-Mexico border. These aren't Central American families fleeing horrific conditions back home only to be separated, incarcerated, traumatized, and demonized by Trump for seeking humanitarian asylum in our country. Rather, these migrants are going the other way from the United States into Mexican border towns, where they're welcomed with open arms instead of armed guards. [Read More]
Article: White al-Qaeda, Trump and Economic Terrorism against El Paso - The people of El Paso also understand something most outsiders do not. Both Trump's rhetoric and the shooter's murders target El Paso's economy in classic terrorist style. Singling out and demonizing an ethnic group is the first step toward attempting to destroy them. [Read More]
Read more about Misleading fiscal deficit on Business Standard. CAG's view on Budget numbers has merit... [Read More]
Read more about The Huawei threat on Business Standard. The govt should take an objective decision... [Read More]
After photos of the arrest were posted online, Galveston police apologized to Neely for causing the man "unnecessary embarrassment." [Read More]
If you're a fan of Publix chicken tender subs, then it's your lucky day because they are currently on sale. [Read More]
It's a bye week for the Taunton Gladiators semipro football team.But not before the Silver City's unbeaten New England League defending champion came away with two consecutive wins.The Gladiators recently ran their record to a perfect 3-0 on the season after victories against Southern Maine Raging Bulls and the North Shore Generals.First, Taunton came from behind and held on to beat the Raging Bulls in Week 2 by a close score of 36-29.Quarterback Matthew Letourneau went 16-for... [Read More]
The near-omnipresent congestion on Massachusetts roadways has now reached a "tipping point" where access to employment is strained and meeting statewide greenhouse gas emissions targets is growing more challenging, according to a new report from the Department of Transportation.Data collected and reviewed by MassDOT over the past year underline a trend that many drivers have experienced: traffic has worsened over the past five years, and predictability has all but vanished, forcing... [Read More]
Do you remember the well-behaved goat? Or maybe the pigeons that left their marks? Or perhaps the moving coffin?If you've followed the Concord Players over the years, these are just a few of the stories longtime members are sharing as the drama club prepares to celebrate its 100th season."It's a hoot to listen to (former actors) tell their stories," said Andrea Roessler, VP of marketing for The Concord Players. She added some of them may take part in this season's... [Read More]
Sudbury native and Hollywood actor Chris Evans made a surprise visit at the Concord Police Department at the start of the third shift on Wednesday, Aug. 7."When your shift begins you never know what will happen or who you may meet," the CPD wrote on its Twitter page.The CPD said Evans, of Captain America fame, stopped by to say hello and express his appreciation of the department."It was great to have him stop and show his appreciation," Police Chief Joseph O'Connor said in an... [Read More]
Shares of the ride-hailing giant fell sharply after the company missed analyst estimates by a wide margin....LYFT... [Read More]
Burlington shares got interesting for a second. IS that still the case?...BURL... [Read More]
Barnes Group (B) Stock Could Slump More Than 25% in the Weeks Ahead...B... [Read More]
Why this veteran trader likes Uber right now....LYFT... [Read More]
Revenue at the beverage and coffee-brewing-system company missed expectations....KDP... [Read More]
Analyst Eric Sheridan wants to see "a better entry point" for the stock of the dating-site operator....MTCH... [Read More]
Cannabis One CEO Jeff Mascio is bullish on a cannabis sector that he actively invests in through his company....CTST... [Read More]