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Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast When something works, there are always imitators. I think this is where Corey Stewart—whom CNN appropriately describes as, "the bombastic conservative who built his public image on championing Confederate symbols"—fits in. Yes, he has always had a huge ego and that machismo image that so many Trump fans exhibit, but he wasn't always an alt-righter. I know this because, well, I used to know Corey. A little. I haven't talked to him in years, but I once spent an afternoon with him―and my wife even did some consulting for him when he... [Read More]
Стандарты красоты в обществе со временем меняются - это известный факт. Но и наши собственные представления о привлекательной для нас внешности того или иного человека не остаются без изменений - иногда даже в течение нескольких минут. [Read More]