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China Photos/Getty Images China is rolling out a program to have RFID chips in all new cars to help with congestion, pollution, and public security. By forcing car owners to have chips installed on their windshields, the government will also help bolster the domestic chip industry. The plan will initially be voluntary until it is implemented in full in 2019, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. China has been creating an environment described as a "surveillance state," prompting concerns that car and face-recognition technology will be used for more than just finding criminals. ... [Read More]
Стандарты красоты в обществе со временем меняются - это известный факт. Но и наши собственные представления о привлекательной для нас внешности того или иного человека не остаются без изменений - иногда даже в течение нескольких минут. [Read More]