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British charity Cancer Research UK will show a live colonoscopy in a TV ad break to highlight the importance of research... [Read More]
Betsy DeVos, education secretary nominee, faced tough questions from Democratic lawmakers, NBC News reports. [Read More]
Americans don't like how much Donald Trump loves Twitter, according to a new poll. [Read More]
Banks took a beating today but expected interest rate increases bode well for financials, says John Buckingham, CIO at AFAM Capital. [Read More]
Gold prices on Wednesday held near eight-week highs hit in the previous session. [Read More]
The dollar index wallowed near six-week lows on Wednesday, pressured by U.S. President-elect Donald Trump's comments. [Read More]
Several attorneys general are urging a federal judge to reject a proposed class action settlement involving allegedly defective Remington rifles. [Read More]
Crude oil futures edged higher, although gains were limited by expectations that U.S. producers would boost output. [Read More]
Umi Kitchen, helmed by the daughter of the Shake Shack founder, is rethinking. [Read More]
The potential for a rebound in the dollar has increased in the run-up to the presidential inauguration day. [Read More]
South Korea's election year could herald a new era of relations between the government and chaebols. [Read More]
As any tariff on Chinese products will more likely backfire on Americans, the world's largest Communist Party may yet give Trump a lesson in free trade... [Read More]
Jim Cramer goes over various stocks in the lightning round. [Read More]
Jim Cramer broke down his thoughts on how you should approach investing under the coming Trump administration. [Read More]
Demonetization could see India grow at its slowest pace since at least 2011, according to Societe Generale. [Read More]
Consumer inflation is likely to be above 2 percent for the first time in more than two years, but what's on Twitter could matter more. [Read More]
Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel and JeepersMedia on YouTube The parent of Chuck E. Cheese has begun preparations for an initial public offering (IPO) that could value the U.S. restaurant chain at more than... [Read More]
Futures pointed to a lower open for Asian equities, following President-elect Donald Trump's jolting comments that the dollar is too strong. [Read More]
Jim Cramer says he wasn't scared by the sell-off in bank stocks. [Read More]
Tim Seymour, managing partner at Triogem AM, talks about how the politics have impacted the markets. [Read More]
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