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Brazil's far-Right election front-runner was accused of setting up a 'criminal network' with big businesses to spread fake news through Whatsapp. [Read More]
Working journalists discuss experience of getting caught up in state-sponsored war to drive the news agenda across the digital divide. ... [Read More]
Former Pakistan FM was duped by output from Iran-linked fake news site... [Read More]
Twitter account falsely claimed Saudi religious establishment and former Crown Prince involved in plot... [Read More]
People and publications are making tweets about fake, sensational celebrity news to get people to register to vote. The links in the tweets lead to... [Read More]
The French president tries to allay fears of new barriers for Britons if there is no EU deal on Brexit, but he does not rule... [Read More]
As much as President Donald Trump has ridiculed media as "the enemy of the people," rebuking "fake news," here is some real news from Newsweek showing... [Read More]
Facebook, facebook war room, election meddling, fake news, trump fake news, Mark Zuckerberg... [Read More]
A clock on the wall counts down the hours and minutes until zero day. [Read More]
Read more about Social media, populism, fake news will frame next US recession's story on Business Standard. It's unlikely that Wall Street-favouring white men will... [Read More]
A fake news debunker said a story on an Iowa City woman detonating explosives in her husband's anus, is fake.        ... [Read More]
Company claims it is shutting down fake news and false reports more quickly than before... [Read More]
Facebook has set up a "war room" at its California headquarters as part of its plans to avoid a repeat of the 2016 election, when... [Read More]
After showing a clip of Trump talking to the press about the Saudis yesterday, Morning Joe's Joe Scarborough commented. "It's a shameful performance... [Read More]
Hailey Baldwin ... Facebook in hot water again over inflated video viewership metrics ... Movement afoot to remove Mark Zuckerberg as chairman? ... 3d printed... [Read More]
The social network's algorithms scan billions of posts each day in hopes of flagging misinformation before it goes viral; humans play a supporting role, but... [Read More]
Trump tweets that he has no financial interests in Saudi Arabia and that any such suggestion is "FAKE NEWS!" [Read More]
Ahead of a critical election, the messaging app has become a sea of toxic misinformation — but it's not too late to halt the tide. [Read More]
In today's world, college students question if all news is fake news. Veuer's Maria Mercedes Galuppo has more. [Read More]
(Washington Examiner) President Trump on Wednesday called the Associated Press "fake news" for turning a quote from an interview he gave into a misleading headline.... [Read More]
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