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Saudi Arabia joined Turkey and China in a move to block a U.S.-led attempt this week to place Pakistan on an international terror-financing watch list,... [Read More]
FRONTLINE traces how a 40-year rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia has fueled sectarian extremism across the Middle East for political gain. Correspondent Martin Smith... [Read More]
Joint List head tells Hezbollah-affiliated Al Mayadeen that Riyadh is forging direct alliance with the Israeli right, which he calls the Palestinians' worst enemy... [Read More]
A sign of the new world oil order: February saw the first ever supertanker fill up on American crude. Now with Saudi Arabia propping up... [Read More]
Russia on Wednesday poured cold water over a bid at the UN Security Council to condemn Iran for violating the arms embargo on Yemen and... [Read More]
A Bahraini human rights activist was sentenced to five years in prison on Wednesday for criticising Saudi Arabia's air strikes in Yemen and accusing Bahrain's... [Read More]
Nabeel Rajab's charges include a 2015 social media post criticising Saudi Arabia's invasion of Yemen. [Read More]
Saudi Arabia and its allies are giving $1.5 billion to their war-ravaged neighbor, but their ability to fix the country's humanitarian crisis is limited by... [Read More]
THE TOPLINE: The Pentagon on Tuesday said it hopes to "soon" transfer a Guant namo Bay detainee to his home country of Saudi Arabia, in... [Read More]
After the shooting in Parkland, Florida, Russian internet bots almost immediately began stoking both pro-gun and anti-gun fervor. Plus, we speak with Frontline producer Martin... [Read More]
The lapsing of the deadline for the Guantánamo detainee was another blow to the military commissions system, although the Pentagon was still hoping to transfer... [Read More]
You won't find much stranger bedfellows than the kingdom and Russia... [Read More]
The Pentagon on Tuesday said it hopes to "soon" transfer a Guantanamo Bay detainee to his home country of Saudi Arabia, in line with his... [Read More]
A Guantanamo Bay detainee who pleaded guilty to helping plan a 2002 attack on a French oil tanker is set to be transferred from the... [Read More]
Frankie Fouagnthin/ Wikimedia Commons & Disney We rounded up real-life royals around the world that have Disney prince and princess doppelgängers. Princess... [Read More]
Farhatullah Babar flays 20-year extension in toll collection contract to FWOShireen Mazari expresses concern over sending Pak army troops to Saudi Arabia in NASenator Farhatullah... [Read More]
Tauqee revealed meetings were held with Indian Mujahideen's co-founder Riyaz Bhatkal in Saudi Arabia to revive the proscribed terror group. [Read More]
A Saudi man who pleaded guilty to war crimes in exchange for his Feb. 20, 2018 repatriation from Guantánamo was still at the U.S. Navy... [Read More]
Ahmed Haza al-Darbi pleaded guilty in 2014 to charges that included conspiracy and attacking civilian objects. He may soon be heading home for Saudi Arabia. [Read More]
The Pentagon will miss a deadline to send a prisoner from Guantanamo home to Saudi Arabia, but an official says the transfer may occur soon.... [Read More]