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Litigation law deals with the rules, regulations, and practices involving the disputes resolution in the court system. Maritime law is one among the collections of... [Read More]
The TV channel slipped in an obituary graphic marking the death of 85-year-old Ruth Bader Ginsburg, prompting dismay among her supporters. One of 9 judges... [Read More]
The state Supreme Court will hear arguments today in a challenge of Phoenix's anti-discrimination ordinance that makes it illegal for businesses to refuse service to... [Read More]
Most of us have probably often wondered how first responders deal with the stress they routinely encounter in their jobs. Their work life, while often... [Read More]
Punjab CM extends condolences to family of victims of Sahiwal incident, tells police to provide relief to citizens. [Read More]
Adnan Khan is getting his first taste of freedom after serving 15 years on a murder conviction. [Read More]
After serving 15 years on a murder conviction, an San Quentin Prison inmate is getting his first taste of freedom. [Read More]
Law librarians work in a variety of settings: law school and university libraries, law firm and corporate libraries, state and federal agency and court libraries,... [Read More]
IMPORTANT INVESTOR ALERT: The Schall Law Firm Announces the Filing of a Class Action Lawsuit Against 22nd Century Group, Inc. [Read More]
In an exclusive interview with Team 12's Joe Dana, two Christian wedding artists discuss their journey of starting a business and suing the City of... [Read More]
The Legal Aid attorneys have raised several arguments, among them is that the process is an "illegal taking" by government for a private entity. [Read More]
While refreezing and black ice are continuing issues for roads in the Heartland, ice and snow are also sticking around on sidewalks. So, who's responsible... [Read More]
Vulnerable people will be detained for years and care home managers who could profit will be involved in the decisions, charities and campaigners warn.Rushed government... [Read More]
LAHORE: Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar says the law and order situation is not satisfactory and it needs... [Read More]
Forsyth Sheriff Deputy 1st Class John Crane received the Law Enforcement Commendation Medal at the Forsyth County Board of Commissioner's Meeting on Jan. 3. [Read More]
When the temps are 32 or below, your pet is only allowed outside for 15 minutes at a time. [Read More]
New legislation just proposed could allow hundreds of Oklahoma inmates to go free, with their sentences reduced to time served. [Read More]
  It's no small change — some $500 million or more annually — but abortionists at Planned Parenthood view that tax funding each year as... [Read More]
If you have a concealed weapon permit in Alabama, you can have a pistol on someone's private property. That is, unless they post weapons are... [Read More]
A large bull was spotted cautiously crossing the street at a designated crosswalk Sunday evening. [Read More]