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Outrage over plans by Poland's governing party to put the judicial system under its political control sparked another day of... [Read More]
PART 53 - LAW OF DIMINISHING RETURNS - The greatest challenge to Diabetic people is How to control the urge to eat sweet?. The Law... [Read More]
The local law enforcement agencies in Bryan/College Station have been making an effort to get to know the community. [Read More]
Job quota for disabled persons likely to be increased from two to five per cent... [Read More]
Driving while holding electronic devices will be prohibited almost completely. [Read More]
Becoming a law enforcement officer in South Carolina will require psychological testing under a new requirement aimed at weeding out people not suitable for the... [Read More]
A Duffield, Va., woman picked up several charges Saturday after approaching police who were having her vehicle towed and made "conflicting and irrational statements," [Read More]
A series of dramatic court actions between Wednesday and Friday of this last week has slammed a lid on loud and heavily-trafficked activities and weddings... [Read More]
In Poland, a new law could put the country's Supreme Court under the ruling party's control. Critics fear this will erode their justice system, now... [Read More]
Home to 400 species of birds... [Read More]
People gather in front of the Supreme Court during a protest against the Supreme Court legislation in Warsaw, Poland, July 22, 2017. REUTERS/Kacper Pempel... [Read More]
A neighborhood cook out in Hennessey Park that police and neighbors hope will nourish the spirit of cooperation. [Read More]
Two automobile accidents along I-26 clogged traffic on the roadway Saturday afternoon. Traffic was backed up along I-26 west between exit 13 near Gray... [Read More]
Johnson City police checking on a motorist who had run out of gas on Interstate 26 on Saturday found the car was stolen out of... [Read More]
The Philippine Congress on Saturday overwhelmingly approved the president's appeal for martial law in the south to be extended to the end of the year... [Read More]
Randolph Sheriff* July 18: Tyler M. Sheets reported the theft of the tailgate from his 2015 grey Ford F-250 parked on Interstate 73/74 at Pisgah... [Read More]
There are multiple business histories dating to 1836 at the southeast corner of Sixth and Adams streets in Springfield -- a fine hotel, a department... [Read More]
UP Governor Ram Naik concrete efforts are required for improving the law and order. He said the UP government was working for improving the law... [Read More]
Venezuelans marched to the Supreme Court in Caracas on Saturday to press their demands that embattled President Nicolas Maduro leave office, as months of sometimes... [Read More]
South Carolina law enforcement officials are praising U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions' recent announcement reinstating a controversial civil asset forfeiture program that was halted under... [Read More]