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The frenzied search for clues about Brett Kavanaugh's true character has extended to cryptic remarks in his high school yearbook and a teenage obsession with... [Read More]
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is defending a state law that requires schoolchildren to say the Pledge of Allegiance by joining a lawsuit that could... [Read More]
The right to consult a lawyer in private is a foundation stone of our justice system. Indeed, in recent weeks, the UK Supreme Court has... [Read More]
Los Angeles County has voted to limit the number of roosters that people can keep after thousands of birds were seized in a crackdown on... [Read More]
Israel triumphed in acquiring a large stash of Kafka's manuscripts. But does Israel—or anyone—really get to to claim Kafka as their own? [Read More]
A 20-year-old law student has taken it upon herself to deter the subway manspreaders of St. Petersburg, Russia—by pouring bleach onto their crotches. ... [Read More]
The law will effectively double funds for a CHP-run program that discourages... [Read More]
In a perfect world, the showdown this week over Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh would focus only on the credibility of accusations of sexual assault... [Read More]
Friday is the day we'll find out if the troubled nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court gets a thumbs up or a... [Read More]
For some reason people think "Innocent until proven guilty" applies here. Nothing can be further from the truth. This is not a criminal trial. This... [Read More]
In California, more than one million undocumented immigrants have received driver's licenses since 2015, when the state implemented a new law allowing undocumented Californians to apply... [Read More]
If his nomination is approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee, it will go to the full chamber for another vote. [Read More]
The Nevada Supreme Court has upheld the 2015 conviction of an Elko felon for possession of a firearm after he argued he was the victim... [Read More]
Los Angeles County has voted to limit the number of roosters that people can keep after thousands of birds were seized in a crackdown on... [Read More]
State House responds to grand jury report on child sex abuse in Catholic Church with final passage of 2-year window for lawsuits. [Read More]
The operation focused on men who believed they were communicating online with children under the age of 17 in a sexually explicit manner with the... [Read More]
Dieter Grimm LL.M. '65, a noted scholar, academic and public intellectual, and former justice of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany, returned to Harvard Law... [Read More]
A bill being considered in the state Legislature would allow people with certain drug convictions to qualify for a casino key employee license if they... [Read More]
An expanded panel of Ninth Circuit judges on Tuesday reconsidered whether a San Francisco law requiring warning labels on billboard ads for soda passes constitutional... [Read More]
The move follows the recent Catholic church abuse investigation in Pennsylvania. [Read More]