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Dems won't change stripes... [Read More]
To all of you young and ambitious people who would like to do community service to help the people in their community, now is the... [Read More]
I was pleased to see the weight of the presidency couldn't tip the scales against our U.S. Sen. Jon Tester, maybe the only real farmer... [Read More]
Justice Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing started a national debate over some important issues. It is time to have an open discussion on them without shouting,... [Read More]
Letter-writer Marlene Butler ('Why I'm voting Democrat,' Oct. 28, TribLIVE) completely missed the point of my letter ('What's up, Dems,' Oct. 15, TribLIVE). I asked... [Read More]
Legislators should pass statewide smoke-free law... [Read More]
Too often we hear the refrain that the epidemic of firearm violence is due to untreated, poorly treated, or unrecognized mental illness. Emotional and psychiatric... [Read More]
Thank you. I ran into some human kindness at Aldi's the other day.I didn't have many items, and the woman in front of me offered... [Read More]
Dear Dr. Gilman;... [Read More]
It seemed yet another nadir of partisan politics to read about Orrin Hatch being picked for a Medal of Freedom award. [Read More]
How is it that Phil Lyman can make a fool of anyone believing in historic preservation by driving his ATV parade through protected lands and... [Read More]
With another national election for president happening in 2020, it is urgent that we do away with the Electoral College. [Read More]
It seems that bipartisanship is on everyone's mind these days. It's no secret that Americans wish members of Congress would work together to solve our... [Read More]
Despite the mounting loss of life and apocalyptic destruction of property in California, the Oval Office occupant takes an opportunity to threaten cutbacks in federal... [Read More]
To all those millions of Americans who voted for the current resident of the White House, a few questions. [Read More]
On this Veteran's Day, I was wondering if the troops on our southern border, protecting against the "invasion" from the south, would feel more useful... [Read More]
Thank you, Broward County... [Read More]
"Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down (or be willing to) one's life for his friend." John 15:13."For what profit... [Read More]
Congratulations and thank you to Jay Gore. His letter to the editor of Nov. 12, proposing a solution to the southern border issue is an... [Read More]
I am disturbed that the Post Bulletin would publish the Nov. 13 column by Malcolm Berko. His premise that a 10-year-old who earns Bs or... [Read More]