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  Under pressure and threats of protests, an LGBT safe space known as "The Center" in New York has decided to cancel a #WalkAway event... [Read More]
"This has been a dream come true" [Read More]
Patrick Crowley claims he is a victim of workplace discrimination due to his sexual orientation — as well as the "Twitter bandwagon." [Read More]
The Baltimore Eagle, the former gay leather bar in Old Goucher, will reopen April 19 as a "safe space" where members of the LGBTQ community will... [Read More]
Producers dropped actress Seyi Omooba from UK "The Color Purple" after homophobic social media statements came to light. [Read More]
BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY showed the world what 'love of my life' Mary Austin meant to Freddie Mercury. In her own words, she reveals what her 'eternal... [Read More]
Let the good times roll" could be the mantra for the Gay Polo League's 10th anniversary. There is an abundance of action on and off... [Read More]
A gay couple claims the bar owner told them to get out. The owner denies it. [Read More]
U.S. Senator Ted Cruz took to Twitter to defend anti-gay fast food restaurant chain Chick-fil-A, and to denounce what he describes as "rabid attacks" against it. Cruz,... [Read More]
Recently, the United Methodist Church voted against supporting gay marriage as well as gay clergy members. [Read More]
Paramount Pictures execs asked filmmakers to cut a gay scene from the movie Rocketman, according to reports. [Read More]
It sounds like there's an argument brewing over the Elton John biopic's handling of a certain moment. [Read More]
Known as "the Emerald City," Seattle has a tight-knit kink scene, and many bars (especially on Capitol Hill) cater to one fetish or another. [Read More]
Michigan will no longer fund adoption agencies that turn away parents who are LGBT because of religious objections, a move that was part of the... [Read More]
San Antonio's City Council voted Thursday to block Chick-fil-A from opening a store at the San Antonio International Airport citing the company's "legacy of anti-LGBT... [Read More]
Even if I ate chicken sandwiches — which I don't — I'm sure I could find a better place to get them than Chick-fil-A. Like,... [Read More]
At least three of the charities hold discriminatory views. [Read More]
The studio reportedly hopes to achieve 'Bohemian Rhapsody' success... [Read More]
Locating Silverlake, a coming of age story with heavy homoerotic themes, premieres digitally today! [Read More]
Settling a lawsuit over independent adoption and foster care agencies that won't work with gay couples, Michigan on Friday became the first state in the... [Read More]