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Many fear East Timor will trade protected reefs to aid struggling economy. [Read More]
By getting hold of a widely used hotel key card, an attacker could create a master key to unlock any room in the building without... [Read More]
Despite the mockery and memes that stemmed from Melania's hat, her bold choice also earned its share of admirers on Twitter, in the fashion world,... [Read More]
After receiving instructions from Judge Steven O'Neill, the seven men and five women of the jury will are expected to begin weighing the criminal charges... [Read More]
"There is something to baking soda." [Read More]
Are you looking ahead to summer trips? John DiScala, better known as air travel expert Johnny Jet, recently talked with The Associated Press travel podcast... [Read More]
Commonly used heartburn drugs have been statistically linked to pneumonia in people 60 years and older, according to a study conducted in Britain. [Read More]
Long Island Restaurant Week is underway in full force and with a big appetite. [Read More]
Two years after a paralyzing injury on the football field, Chris Norton started the SCI CAN Foundation to increase rehab opportunities for others with spinal... [Read More]
I love crostini, an Italian appetizer consisting of slices of toasted bread that can host an endless assortment of toppings. Their versatility makes them a... [Read More]
Hospitals may soon have to post their standard prices for patients online, under a proposed rule unveiled Tuesday by the Trump administration. [Read More]
Come Wednesday morning, customers arriving at airports will find something missing: all counters, signs and gate areas branded as Virgin America.        ... [Read More]
Researchers have carried out research into the drummed speech system of the Bora people of the Northwest Amazon. They found the Boras not only reproduce... [Read More]
The federal government spends an estimated $55 billion annually on dealing with the effects of childhood exposure to domestic violence, according to new research. [Read More]
Doctors have cured seven adult patients of sickle cell disease, an inherited blood disorder primarily affecting the black community, using stem cells from donors previously... [Read More]
On the French Riviera, where the luxury market is rebounding, prices increased an average of 4.5 percent in the last year. [Read More]
Anzac Day highlights the first major military action Australian and New Zealand forces made during WWI and has been observed in London since 1916. Wednesday,... [Read More]
Project Share the Joy hosted a Masks Fur Life luncheon and basket bash on April 22 at the North Hempfield Fire hall. Event proceeds were... [Read More]
A federal judge has blocked the Trump administration from cutting short grants awarded to Planned Parenthood through a federal teen pregnancy prevention program.U.S. District Court Judge Thomas... [Read More]
Central American migrants demand asylum from US. [Read More]