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Activities, exercises and games to teach a bored dog. [Read More]
Where you can spot these northern visitors in the winter... [Read More]
Anna's are still around in the Willamette Valley, plus how to keep feeders from freezing. [Read More]
Dale's Remodeling offers tips to add order to the home from the garage to the bathroom. [Read More]
A new study shows that men and women infer different things based on visual cues, meaning they literally see the world differently from each other. [Read More]
Coromandel MP Scott Simpson on the damage caused by a devastating fire, which destroyed at least six homes. [Read More]
Some of Betsy DeVos' answers left some lawmakers on the Senate Health, Labor, Education and Pension Committee a tad confounded. [Read More]
A film legend and a songwriting genius come to life in two cabaret shows this weekend... [Read More]
Reforms aim to deter opioid dependence as well as treat addicts... [Read More]
Education secretary pick Betsy DeVos said Tuesday that American parents must be able to send their children to high-quality schools, including charter, magnet and religious schools, if public schools are failing. [Read More]
Jones, a candidate for mayor, criticized media reports as unfair. [Read More]
Murphy, who hails the state where the Sandy Hook school massacre occurred, asked Trump's nominee to run the education department if guns belong in schools. [Read More]
We often make the drive to Toco Hills to dine at the venerable Petite Auberge, and it is always wort... [Read More]
Segway Tour, Amelia Island A guided Segway tour at Omni Amelia Island Plantation... [Read More]
MIAMI BEACH ... [Read More]
Residents living in and around the Dalton area can learn about their risk for cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and other chronic, serious conditions with affordable screenings by Life Line Screening. [Read More]
The year's Annual Aging Conference hit on an important question.How do we age successfully?Recent deaths of movie stars like Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia in "Star Wars," have reminded me that life... [Read More]
Until this week, only three were mentally and physically capable of human interaction but that number is growing by the day. [Read More]
Inspectors said the trust has made a 'significant improvement' since the last full inspection... [Read More]
'It's a way of life,' says the real-life 'mermaids' who don silicone tails and take to the waters of Seattle. [Read More]
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