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Chipotle's food safety problems are persisting more than two years after the E. coli outbreak that sent the company's sales sliding. [Read More]
The top U.S. nuclear commander was quoted as saying on Saturday that he would resist Trump if he ordered an "illegal" launch of weapons. [Read More]
These numbers come after the military as a whole faces the highest amount of complaints in 2016, with 6,172 reported sexual assaults. [Read More]
LaVar Ball on Friday downplayed US President Donald Trump's role in helping three UCLA basketball players return home after being arrested in China. [Read More]
Black men are sentenced to more time in prison than white men for committing similar crimes, according to a new report from the U.S. Sentencing... [Read More]
The Federal Communications Commission is expected to drop its new plan on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. [Read More]
Randall Saito says he came to California, after escaping a psychiatric hospital in Hawaii, for safety and so he could prove himself. [Read More]
Hotel Transylvania 3: A Monster Vacation Trailer - In Sony Pictures Animation's 'Hotel Transylvania 3: A Monster Vacation', join our favourite monster family as they... [Read More]
This local pet gym is helping this 80-pound golden retriever lose weight. [Read More]
Researchers think people's sensitivity issues aren't always with gluten — they could be linked to fructan. [Read More]
Ziggy suffers from a chronic disease which is causing excess fluid to build upon her brain, the affliction induces seizures and clouds her vision. [Read More]
A reporter went to Puerto Rico this week to cover the recovery process after Hurricanes Irma and Maria hit and took time to surprise her... [Read More]
Actress Lena Dunham has come out in support of Murray Miller, a writer and producer for HBO's 'Girls' who is accused of raping an actress... [Read More]
A Georgia-born former college basketball player has become an Iraqi citizen so he can play for the country's national team. [Read More]
'In one instance, I played dead and waited...'... [Read More]
The allegations concerning the St. Pius X Institute, known as a pre-seminary, were made in a recent book and in Italian television reports. [Read More]
Honda Motor Co said on Saturday that it was recalling the minivans because second-row seats may tip forward if not properly latched after being adjusted. [Read More]
The Russian invitation to the Trump campaign the Senate says Jared Kushner didn't disclose involved a Russian banker accused of links to organized crime. [Read More]
TransCanada Corp. said that a leak that spilled more than 200,000 gallons of oil is controlled, but critics pointed to it as a reason to... [Read More]
Both women who have spoken out said their respective campaigns failed to properly address the allegations. [Read More]