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Tonight, CW's 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' will unveil Zari, prime-time television's first Muslim superhero. It's our 'Cosby Show' moment, but without, you know, Cosby. [Read More]
In the locker rooms, showers, and gym beneath the stadium, ISIS created a prison and torture chambers for its feared security arm. [Read More]
Almost daily, Iran outmaneuvers the United States on the ground in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. McMaster says reporting more about its dark side could change... [Read More]
With the rabble-rousing comic's 'Humanity' tour finally coming stateside, we talk Trump, the culture of offense, Mel Gibson's redemption, and why all hope isn't lost.... [Read More]
The Gold Star mom, who camped out at Bush's ranch for more than a month, hasn't had a change of heart about her experience, or... [Read More]
In 'After The Blast,' Zoe Kazan wonders whether a relationship can survive the apocalypse. Answer: with the help of a cute robot called Arthur, perhaps. [Read More]
Moscow may have paid for the memes, but a man in a quiet Staten Island neighborhood hosted them. It's further evidence of how deep into... [Read More]
The 'Late Night' host suggested Trump 'do what a normal, decent human being would do: apologize and then be quiet.'... [Read More]
The temptation is strong, Democrats, but don't be as sleazy and unprincipled as the other side—not after four years of blasting demagoguery. It'll only make... [Read More]
The Oscar-nominated filmmaker behind hits like 'Silver Linings Playbook' and 'American Hustle' has a dark past. [Read More]
An effort to ban bump stocks is effectively dead, aides and advocates say. And the NRA isn't the lone suspect. [Read More]
Congress is close to powerless in compelling the Trump administration to implement sanctions that it already forced him to sign into law. [Read More]
As President Trump accused a dead soldier's pregnant widow of lying, Melania Trump was at a school, fronting her anti-bullying initiative, and advocating 'kindness and... [Read More]
For all the attention on the tragic encounter that killed Sgt. La David Johnson and his fellow troops, precious little is known about what really... [Read More]
The former Fox News host railed against O'Reilly for using Bolling's recently deceased son to bash the media who reported on the many sexual-harassment charges... [Read More]
Marrying into the royal family is always tricky, and much depends on the restraint and tact of the new members. Which is bad news for... [Read More]
Because of Republican obstructionism under Obama, this president has far more vacancies to fill—and he's doing so quickly, with sometime outrageous nominees. [Read More]
If you find our pain discomfiting, then buckle your seatbelts and prepare for our fury. Because this moment isn't going away. [Read More]
Dirty Libyan fuel deals, Russians buying passports, cigarette smugglers, shady politicians. The death of Malta's muckraker shines a light on Europe's most corrupt country. [Read More]
Neil Kahanovitz fell in love with the circus as a boy, and became a trapeze artist before qualifying as a surgeon. Now he's running away... [Read More]