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The anti-EU British political party UKIP has long denied it's racist. Now the party leader's girlfriend has been caught saying Meghan Markle's 'seed' will pollute... [Read More]
Renowned Russian director Andrey Zvyagintsev's 'Loveless' won at Cannes and, despite its pro-Kremlin detractors, was Russia's submission for the Best Foreign Film Oscar. [Read More]
"Trump saying something racist isn't exactly news," the "Weekend Update" anchor said. "It'd be news if Trump said, 'You know what we need more of... [Read More]
The host joined Jenny Slate and Charles Rocket as one of the few people to say "fuck" on 'Saturday Night Live.'... [Read More]
Engaging in an imaginary debate over Oprah's imaginary run is so much better than facing the reality of our Tweeter-in-Chief. [Read More]
Gordon Parks captured the beauty, horror, and complexities behind the lives of those how lived during the Civil Rights Era. [Read More]
Earthy juniper berries complement hearty and warming dishes. [Read More]
Consider what the state of our nation would be without the accumulated protections over a century of progressive legislation. [Read More]
The truth is that prostitution is more influential than you might think: ladies of the night have brought down governments, helped win wars, and shaped... [Read More]
The page by the Neo-Nazi Stormfront calls King a "sexual deviant" with a "propensity for violence," and is a top result for searches of "Martin... [Read More]
"Will you please ask Catherine Deneuve and those older French women what in the world they're thinking?" Tatum O'Neal asked. [Read More]
Educated in Swiss schools under fake names, Kim Jong Un and his siblings have a long, intriguing history in the Alps. [Read More]
Meet the creators and stars of 'Corporate,' the new Comedy Central series that makes 'The Office' look like Candyland. [Read More]
Hawaiian residents watching television on Saturday morning were greeted by a terrifying Emergeny Alert System message that turned out to be entirely false. [Read More]
Something must be done. Not just about the flawed warning system in Hawaii, but about a world in which nations are poised to destroy each... [Read More]
The donation came after mass outrage over the reveal that the actor earned 1500x the salary of Williams for a film reshoot. A step in... [Read More]
The row over whether author Katie Roiphe planned to out the creator of the 'Shitty Media Men List' crystallized competing ideologies and activism within modern... [Read More]
In 1866, Montana—specifically the Yogo Gulch—was awash with disappointed prospectors, tossing out the blue pebbles they found in their sluice boxes as they panned for... [Read More]
Muhammad Ahmed's grandkids would never meet their grandfather, so he made an AI version of him. How might that change our concept of death? [Read More]
There's just one real trend: Bullshitting. We are all bullshitting ourselves. [Read More]