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A silverback gorilla, a wolf and a reptile grow to a monstrous size after a rogue genetic experiment goes wrong. Primatologist Davis Okoye soon joins... [Read More]
A harmless game of "Truth or Dare" among friends turns deadly when someone—or something—begins to punish those who tell a lie—or refuse the dare. [Read More]
A stray dog is rescued off the streets by a soldier and goes on to become a hero of World War I. [Read More]
A U.S. diplomat (Jon Hamm) flees Lebanon in 1972 after a tragic incident at his home. Ten years later, he is called back to war-torn... [Read More]
A sheltered young man joins Alcoholics Anonymous to get closer to a former hooker and stripper. [Read More]
A Canadian First Nations boy survives in a residential school in the 1970s. [Read More]
Five long-time friends, all of whom are maimed as a result of the town's Mercury poisoning, come together for their high school reunion. But, a... [Read More]
Moviegoers can take a ride through the African plains with two unexpected friends when "Phoenix Wilder: And The Great Elephant Adventure" starring Elizabeth Hurley comes... [Read More]
BORG VS. MCENROE tells the story of the epic rivalry between Swedish tennis legend Bjo¨rn Borg (Gudnason) and his greatest adversary, the brash American John... [Read More]
Scientists in China breed giant pandas and introduce the cubs into the wild. [Read More]
In 1994, two British U.N. workers convince Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden to perform a concert. [Read More]
This ever-popular opera is given a fresh point of view in Barrie Kosky's highly physical production, originally created for Frankfurt Opera. [Read More]
Looking for local movie times and movie theaters in 94806? Find the movies showing at theaters near you and buy movie tickets at Fandango. [Read More]
A man accepts a mysterious invitation to house-sit a picturesque cottage. [Read More]
A woman returns to the community that shunned her for her attraction to a childhood friend. Once back, their passions reignite as they explore the... [Read More]
When Keith's former co-star decides to have his group of friends fired and banned from a convention with the help of the convention promoter, they... [Read More]