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Over the buzz of saliva-sucking machines, Annette M. Russell, spoke to two dental hygiene program students as they used a light instrument to set sealant... [Read More]
With the 2015 creation of a special health care zoning district, Greensburg leaders hoped to spur a transformation that would create a neighborhood of thriving... [Read More]
New branding of Excela Health's cardiac care programs emphasizes upgrades the Westmoreland County hospital system made in the aftermath of allegations of improper stent procedures... [Read More]
A new state law enabling ambulance services to be paid directly by insurance companies got a less-than-enthusiastic reception in its first year of use. Only... [Read More]
The da Vinci robot-assisted surgery system is making minimally invasive, low-impact surgeries an option for more patients at Latrobe and Westmoreland Excela hospitals. But technology... [Read More]
Excela Health is on track to complete construction of its Excela Square at Latrobe ambulatory care center by November. The three-story, 115,000-square-foot facility in Unity... [Read More]
Hanna and Rachel Friedenberger celebrated their 16th birthdays Friday with the neonatal team that helped make those birthdays possible. [Read More]
A METHOD of repairing damaged heart muscles has been called the "biggest breakthrough since transplants". [Read More]
It sounds like a bizarre riddle: what decreases in size while staying the same weight? [Read More]
Kelley Gordon is taking her concerns to a community town hall meeting on Thursday, March 2. Sponsored by the local advocacy group, Carroll Community Action... [Read More]
While the All Care public forum was happening - dozens of people gathered outside Pioneer Hall for a separate health care rally. Turns out the... [Read More]
Hiking, skiing, even outdoor calisthenics can change up your fitness routine... [Read More]
Make these easy moves to multiply your results fast. [Read More]
It sounds like a bizarre riddle: what decreases in size while staying the same weight? [Read More]
Hawke's Bay's brand new food re-direction service is on a roll. [Read More]
Metroplex Health System was recently named a Stage 7 hospital by HIMSS Analytics, a national health care data analyst company. [Read More]
Michelle's Place Breast Cancer Resource Center is pleased to announce the recent partnership with Inland Empire Health Plan to provide further s... [Read More]
VICKY Pattison reveals how she maintains her sexy new body. [Read More]
Online Athens... [Read More]
A new report states that 472 Colorado children were hospitalized with vaccine-preventable diseases in 2015, resulting in $35 million in hospital and emergency department charges. ... [Read More]