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Since March, Massillon Health Department employees have been taking Spanish lessons to better serve Spanish-speaking clients seeking services. [Read More]
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Eight 'Health Care Heroes' have been honored for their outstanding contributions in helping to care for the Greater Hartford community. "The annual Health Care... [Read More]
Women with sleep disorders other than sleep apnea may be more than three times as likely to experience infertility as their counterparts who don't have... [Read More]
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Sign language interpreters are confused about claims there are no interpreters available to help patients at Palmerston North Hospital. ... [Read More]
Patients should be offered the chance to listen to music during procedures to reduce pain and anxiety, says a leading surgeon, Bhaskar Somani who said... [Read More]
A quicker diagnosis would limit the opportunity for bacteria to spread while a patient waits for treatment. [Read More]
Main Street Fitness, which opened in Bridgeport about a year ago, is planning to expand. [Read More]
Keep your phone away from your body, says the California Department of Public Health. [Read More]