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Kahlon also asked Mnuchin to exert pressure on the Palestinian Authority in the war against money laundering and terror financing. [Read More]
Israel said the security officer had acted in self-defense when he shot his attacker while his father said the young teenager had no militant links. [Read More]
America's situation will not change before it finds a leader like Rabin. [Read More]
The Israeli Police Foreign Press Spokesman released a statement on Tuesday regarding the installation of security cameras at Temple Mount, saying that the cameras serve... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's call for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate former Democratic rival Hillary Clinton is "highly inappropriate" and threatens to erode the separation... [Read More]
Expert Post... [Read More]
The Venus, the world's smallest satellite of its kind, was built by Israel Aerospace Industries. [Read More]
An public bus with no passengers rammed into a building in Tel Aviv on Tuesday afternoon, according to Magen David Adom. [Read More]
DAMASCUS- Syria views a US decision to halt CIA support to rebel groups fighting to topple President Bashar Assad as a "start" towards ending the... [Read More]
The United Nations Security council discusses issues in the Middle East, including what they call 'the Palestinian question.'... [Read More]
Over the years many of the channel's programs have been directed more to adult viewers than to children. [Read More]
Moscow had informed Israel, the United States, and Jordan about the deployment. [Read More]
The Academy of the Hebrew Language is still building the national idiom. [Read More]
Hainan Airlines to offer flights between Guangzhou and Tel Aviv. [Read More]
Four Arab countries have added 18 more groups and individuals that they say are linked to Qatar to their "terrorist" lists, Saudi state news agency... [Read More]
Libya's Prime Minister Fayez al-Serraj and the divided country's eastern commander Khalifa Haftar are set to agree to a conditional ceasefire and to work towards... [Read More]
When a young fan is overcome by tears when meeting her heroine Gal Gadot saves the day by graciously comforting her. [Read More]
President Tayyip Erdogan stoked a dispute with NATO ally Germany on Tuesday, warning of Western agents "roaming free" in Turkey and telling those who threaten... [Read More]
World Council of Churches blamed Israel for recent violence. [Read More]
The tensions in Jerusalem have kindled protests in Turkey. Turkish media said some protesters kicked the doors and threw stones at a synagogue in Istanbul. [Read More]