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Jon Nash bought Ferm in 2016, although it originally opened in 2008. Nash has been working on a master plan to renovate the space. [Read More]
Although watering is very important in creating and maintaining healthy turfgrass, many homeowners either over-irrigate or irrigate incorrectly... [Read More]
This June will mark the completion of a new honey bee headquarters on the UF campus. [Read More]
You can find this wetland species over much of the eastern USA, from lower New England well into the Midwest,... [Read More]
If attracting wildlife to your pond is your goal, planting native pond plants is your means to achieve it. Build habitat and they will come. [Read More]
The truth is that opossums are not overly aggressive and dangerous animals at all. [Read More]
Gardening and growing your own food is not only good for your physical health, it can also prove beneficial to your mental health. [Read More]
One man said he's fighting a sad, frustrating problem having to do with one community's animals. For four months, Dave Kaske's world has been little... [Read More]
Air quality monitoring around one of Christchurch's quarrying hotspots has found no serious risk to public health from airborne dust. [Read More]
The stars of one of NZ's most controversial TV shows may not be finding love on Heartbreak Island but they've certainly come away with some... [Read More]
The soon-to-open Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, US has had to work quickly to fix a misspelling on a 9-metre-tall guitar installed this... [Read More]
"We thought it was someone coming to kill us," said one student. "I texted my mom and brother to tell them I love them." [Read More]
A spinoff of 'Roseanne' called 'The Conners' will air on ABC this fall without Roseanne Barr.        ... [Read More]
If you've gone out to eat in Denver recently, you may have noticed one thing on the rise: the volume. A new study ranks Denver... [Read More]
In the wake of Anthony Bourdain's passing, perhaps what strikes me most about his legacy is how he shifted the focus back onto the food... [Read More]
The car's performance was just too extreme for certain onboard electronics. [Read More]
This family got a pet that came with an extreme price tag. [Read More]
over time old laws tend to be ignored (or not as strictly enforced) due to changes in society norms that make the law outdated... [Read More]
Delta's new ban on "pit bull type dogs" on flight will take effect starting on July 10.        ... [Read More]
Showing the curvier animated woman onscreen is a move toward inclusivity and better representation of women in animation.        ... [Read More]