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Trump won't withdraw troops from Afghanistan, despite years of advocating for an exit from the 16-year conflict. [Read More]
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"Part of our evolution as humans requires tearing down monuments to destructive forces," the vandals said about their act of protest. [Read More]
"The statues represent the subjugation of African-Americans," the university's president said. [Read More]
A step forward for reducing the carbon footprint of our morning coffee. [Read More]
The T-shirts, which read "Wild Feminist," are nearly identical. [Read More]
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From burning presidential Tweets to blessing wands, here's what modern witchcraft will look like during the big celestial event. [Read More]
Save money on laptops, backpacks, dorm essentials and more. [Read More]
More American soldiers are expected to return to the land of America's longest war. [Read More]
The important stories to know for Monday, August 21. [Read More]
Save money on laptops, backpacks, dorm essentials and more. [Read More]
The committee was set to help analyze the findings of a major climate assessment being released next year. [Read More]
The Jewish treasury secretary published a statement supporting Trump after his former classmates called on him to resign. [Read More]
The congressman called for putting "real constraints" on Trump as questions mount about his mental fitness for the job. [Read More]