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South Korean prosecutors on Monday said they would seek an arrest warrant on Samsung Group's de facto leader Jay Lee.The Korean prosecutors alleged that Jay Lee had authorized donations to President Park's confidante... [Read More]
The Chinese Super League has shocked the soccer world by spending huge sums to attract star foreign players but new rules introduced for the start of the 2017 season will …... [Read More]
New Mexico State University Regents Professor Jim Peach was selected as the inaugural Chevron Endowed Professor in the College of Business. [Read More] I am not anti-capitalist.  I have both an MBA and a Masters in History. I do believe that capitalism is the most efficient form of economics. Having worked for... [Read More]
A person briefed on the matter says General Motors will announce a $1 billion investment in its factories that will create or keep around 1,000 jobs. The investment will be announced Tuesday. The... [Read More]
"Nootropics" are a relatively new interest of Silicon Valley. Some say they improve cognitive function, but a nutritional scientist we spoke with has doubts. [Read More]
WOOD TV8 is the home of 24 Hour News 8 and Storm Team 8 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. [Read More]
Christchurch tenants in the... [Read More]
Could a club for "girly girls" really help improve female equality in the workplace? [Read More]
Our voices can activate gadgets and authenticate ourselves to banks. But can they tell if we're ill? [Read More]
According to released excerpts from Prime Minister Theresa May's speech on Tuesday, May will announce Britain will not seek to remain "half-in, half-out." [Read More]
The building at 1234 First St. was designed in 1980. [Read More]
Woodforest National Bank appoints Willy Gomez to Florida leadership post. [Read More]
Gary Tasman has more than three decades in commercial real estate. [Read More]
The American Red Cross will have to pay a $4.2 million fine for violating blood-safety laws, the Food and Drug Administration announced Friday. A spoke ... [Read More]
New banknotes carry value as high as 20,000 bolivars, a bill that is only worth $6 on widely used black market... [Read More]
Southern California's flow of venture capital — lifeblood to many young, growing businesses — slowed last year from 2015's post-recession high.Dow Jones VentureSource reports 324 venture capital deals were made in th... [Read More]
Oil markets were mixed on Tuesday, supported by Saudi Arabia saying it would strictly adhere to a commitment to cut output, but held back by scepticism in financial markets about the outlook for... [Read More]
How Upper Hutt is making moves to be the craft beer hub of the Wellington region. [Read More]