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LTE from Asia Pacific makes up just six percent of all data roaming traffic globally, according to a study released by Syniverse. [Read More]
While President Trump talks tough on trade, Europe and Japan are getting on with business. [Read More]
Chinese President Xi Jinping has touched down in Hong Kong amid unprecedented security for his first official visit to the city as it marks 20... [Read More]
Two years after winding down its military operation in Afghanistan, NATO has agreed to send more troops to the war-ravaged country to help train and... [Read More]
Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May has appointed a retired judge to chair a public inquiry into the devastating west London fire that killed at least... [Read More]
Moscow has angrily lashed out at a dismissive comment about a Russian aircraft carrier made by Britain's defense secretary, arguing that its aging ship is... [Read More]
China's foreign minister has told his Philippine counterpart that Beijing is ready to provide more aid to the Southeast Asian country as ties between the... [Read More]
Australia's most senior Catholic figure faces charges over "historical" offences, police say. [Read More]
The Russian Defense Ministry mocks Britain's brand new HMS Elizabeth II aircraft carrier, calling it a "convenient target." [Read More]
Taking the Grand al-Nuri Mosque hands a symbolic victory to the Iraqi forces which have been battling for more than eight months to capture Mosul... [Read More]
Indian experts say New Delhi must not be overwhelmed by India-US joint statement mentioning Afghanistan and the Middle East. But it should not ignore realities... [Read More]
The personalised plate JH11 HAD "slipped through the net", the DVLA says. [Read More]
For months, former US officials and experts warned that President Donald Trump's plan to rely on China to pressure North Korea into giving up its... [Read More]
Canada, you've taken it a step too far. [Read More]
The Dundee University project aims to improve prosthetics and physiotherapy rehabilitation. [Read More]
The announcement puts the German chancellor on a collision course with US President Donald Trump. [Read More]
The National Crime Agency says it is increasingly concerned, in the agency's annual assessment. [Read More]
Three years after IS proclaimed a "caliphate", Iraqi forces are ready to pronounce its death. [Read More]
The Portuguese footballer says he is "very happy" to be able to see his babies for the first time. [Read More]
Tensions have mounted in Syria in recent months, and the U.S. warned the Assad regime this week to not use chemical weapons or risk another... [Read More]