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According to Afghanistan's deputy interior minister, the day's onslaught was "biggest terrorist attack this year" [Read More]
Taliban attacks: At least 71 killed in Afghanistan... [Read More]
Everything you need to know about Harvey Weinstein, what sexual harassment actually is, whether it's a mental disorder, where to report it, and why this... [Read More]
LaVar Ball, Lonzo Ball and LaMelo Ball have released a brand new Ball Family emoji app in partnership with Miami-based SportsManias just before the start... [Read More]
President Trump says he won't recertify the Iran Nuclear Deal. That would put us at odds with much of the global community and would have... [Read More]
'Iran is attempting to establish itself militarily in Syria,' Netanyahu tweeted Tuesday. [Read More]
The Israeli prime minister says Tel Aviv will not allow Iran to establish itself militarily in Syria. [Read More]
A senior Iranian official says Tehran will not accept European countries' call for attaching conditions to the JCPOA. [Read More]
The UN warns that thousands of Libyan refugees are at risk of abuse on a shocking scale. [Read More]
A running series of gun battles has caused at least 11 deaths in the northern Mexico border state of Tamauilpas. [Read More]
The market is becoming driven as 38% of investors cited demand from beneficiaries and 35% cited initiatives by executives as important reasons for integrating ESG... [Read More]
After more than a year, Valve has finally revealed a massive new 'Team Fortress 2' update including a brand new map. [Read More]
Merkel's chief of staff, Peter Altmaier, is expected to run the finance ministry on a caretaker basis from Wolfgang Schaeuble's departure until a new government... [Read More]
Turkish media reports say a bomb targeting a bus carrying police officers has left several people wounded. The state-run Anadolu Agency said the attack occurred... [Read More]
Canada and Mexico will not walk away from the NAFTA negotiating table, despite an outright rejection of the U.S. demands. [Read More]
China's ruling communist party is set to hold a congress where delegates will choose political leaders in what could be a government shake-up. [Read More]
President Donald Trump will meet with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Tuesday at the White House despite tension with Turkey. [Read More]
The pregnancy, which has seen the duchess suffer morning sickness, was announced in September. [Read More]
Canada geese have long been thought to migrate where food supplies are lush, but a recent discovery challenges that notion. [Read More]
Artificial Intelligence is all the rage. Brands the world over are using it improve all facets of their business including customer experience. [Read More]