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When you lose the people you love, you mark the loss over and over in the celebrations they don't get to celebrate. [Read More]
Hospitals and a new generation of medical tourism companies are luring well-heeled Chinese patients away from an overburdened health care system. [Read More]
The musical received no Tony nominations. But nostalgia and smart marketing are filling the seats with the "Jersey Boys" demographic. [Read More]
Woods, 41, who has won 14 major championships but has been troubled by health problems in recent years, was taken into custody at 3 a.m.... [Read More]
Andrew Weaver, a world-famous climate scientist, leads the Greens to a position of new influence in Canada's most far western province. [Read More]
The airline said it was running most flights as normal, but the weekend disruption has resulted in tense scenes at London's two biggest airports in... [Read More]
More than twice as many women as men have walked away from high-level positions with the mayor, and some cite a sometimes harsh style and... [Read More]
U.S. veterans read the words of the Greek hero Ajax and his wife, Tecmessa, as he contemplates suicide. [Read More]
In its efforts to help curb the spread of false news around the world, Facebook has added new tools for users to aid in monitoring... [Read More]
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig's disease, still has no cure. [Read More]
Bannon compares Kushner "to 'the air,' because he blows in and out of meetings leaving little trace"... [Read More]
Troops have cleared half of Marawi of militants from ISIS-linked groups, an official said, adding that the government had called on civilians to help in... [Read More]
A new complex on Roosevelt Island aims to produce as much energy as it uses. Here's how the designers are making it happen. [Read More]
The Constitution includes detailed instructions for impeachment. But there's no clear answer on whether a president may be criminally prosecuted. [Read More]
The mainland authorities have never leveled that charge against someone from Taiwan before, and his formal arrest adds a new strain to tensions between Beijing... [Read More]
Kurdish professionals and activists have little hopes of fair trials in Turkey's politicized judiciary. [Read More]
Indigenous people are being murdered while the Brazilian public remains silent. [Read More]
You may have heard that the country is going to conquer world markets. Six charts show a rather different reality. [Read More]
Twenty-six years ago, Vicki Huddleston was brand new in her job as a U.S. diplomat to Cuba -- and her dramatic first test came from... [Read More]
Emma Sulkowicz, the performance artist who became known as "Mattress Girl" in 2014 when she carried a mattress around the Columbia University campus as a... [Read More]
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