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Don't mess with Texas. Although the White House is leading a campaign to burn more coal, states and utilities are largely ignoring the call. In…... [Read More]
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Major software companies like Microsoft always have a long list of bugs to fix. They can range from benign cosmetic issues to critical flaws that…... [Read More]
There are few people on planet Earth who profess to like high-stakes exams. Teachers say they sap the joy out of learning, parents hate them…... [Read More]
Google often celebrates cultural figures with a clever doodle on its search page. But it's going all-out on its homage to Tex-Mex star Selena Quintanilla,…... [Read More]
Ptolemaic Egypt—which existed in the years 305-30 BC—was uniquely dependent on the seasonal shifts of the Nile, which in turn made them particularly susceptible to... [Read More]
Sebastian Kurz is set to become the world's first leader from the millennial age group of those born in 1981 onwards. The 31-year-old, who led... [Read More]
At a rally for conservative voters in Washington last week, Donald Trump vowed to stop the "attacks" on Judeo-Christian values. "We're saying Merry Christmas again,"... [Read More]
When policymakers want to promote international trade between African countries and the rest of the world, they usually talk about bringing down tariffs and eliminating…... [Read More]
I think Google might be embarrassed by the Pixel 2. If you watch the commercials for Google's newest phones, or scroll through Google's flashy product…... [Read More]
Amazon's September announcement that it's taking bids for the site of its second North American headquarters has sparked a fierce competition among US cities eager…... [Read More]
Tesla has fired between 400 and 700 workers, according to estimates by former and current employees. [Read More]
If you're reading this, there's a good chance that you're interested in how to thrive at work—how to be your most productive, effective, energized self…... [Read More]
Can an interviewer really look into a candidate's eyes and sense if they're a good fit? [Read More]
Africa is not a country—but a continent with one billion people, living in 55 different countries, and speaking more than 2,000 languages. Yet a relatively…... [Read More]
Gender bias in the workplace can feel like an intractable problem. Whether we're reading about boorish or abusive behavior in the office, the dearth of…... [Read More]
The stress of planning and executing a bachelorette party is an American rite of passage—satirized in The New Yorker and movies like Bridesmaids and Bachelorette.…... [Read More]
I recently had coffee with a young professional who wanted advice about how to get a job in policy. Every morning, for months, he had…... [Read More]
Though the leaders of some countries (we won't name names) feel the Paris accord treats them unfairly, most other world powers are justifiably concerned about…... [Read More]