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Tess rode a SpaceX Falcon rocket as it embarked on a quest to find new planets around neighboring stars that could support life. The washing... [Read More]
WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18 In the Line of Fire: The exhibit of photos by Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Kim Komenich and former Reuters photo bureau chief... [Read More]
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We can go to Mars—soon. But should we? Astronomy Professor David Weintraub asks the ethical questions in his new book,... [Read More]
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Identifying the chemical makeup of 350,000 Milky Way stars will provide astrophysicists with a better understanding of the earliest momen... [Read More]
Abbie Hutty, an engineer on the ExoMars project, explains what it's like to work on a lander that will drive on the red planet... [Read More]
This Earth Day, NASA invites you to create your own shareable views of our home planet, help combat mosquito-transmitted diseases, and watch our fleet of... [Read More]
Next month, NASA will launch the $814 million InSight lander to Mars, meant to peer inside the planet's interior. InSight, which lands in late November,... [Read More]
After months of debate, Trump's pick to head NASA has now been confirmed. This ends the space agency's longest-ever period without permanent leadership... [Read More]
The US Senate has confirmed President Donald Trump-nominated Representative Jim Bridenstine to lead the US space agency. ? The Senate narrowly on Thursday... [Read More]
Elon Musk's planned BFR Mars rocket finds a home in Los Angeles. It's oddly fitting for what could be a very historic spacecraft. [Read More]
These curious cracks suggest that the lake levels changed often over time. [Read More]
A trip to the moon for the rest of us. [Read More]
Wichita State University physics professor Nickolas Solomey has won one of NASA's coveted Innovation and Advanced Concept Awards for his research to create a neutrino... [Read More]
A former production manager at a Portland-area aluminum extrusion plant was indicted Wednesday on federal charges accusing him of taking part in a 10-year scheme... [Read More]
Senators recently confirmed Jim Bridenstine as the new NASA chief. His confirmation has faced pushback from Democrats who say he's not qualified. [Read More]
Sixty percent of the forests were damaged by the hurricane, NASA found. [Read More]
A new NASA Administrator is confirmed, our next planet-hunting mission launches, and the first 3-D microscopic image on the space station – a few of... [Read More]
Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and... [Read More]