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Most likely, the first alien life we discover will be hidden beneath miles of ocean on a distant world like Jupiter's moon Europa or Saturn's... [Read More]
President Trump has said he wants NASA to refocus its energies beyond our home planet. But even planetary scientists have expressed concerns about scaling back... [Read More]
A scientist tweeted satellite photos of a crack in a famous glacier. Pretty soon, NASA had taken its picture. [Read More]
KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - Imagine watching a real rocket launch in a 360 degree live video broadcast. Well NASA is about to make it... [Read More]
A new study produced by the ARES division provides an explanation for how the Moon was able to generate its own magnetic field. [Read More]
New night-time images of Earth are more than just eye-candy. They can be a vital tool for scientists and governments. [Read More]
Thanks to an international effort and multiple radio telescopes, astronomers have visualized an event horizon for the first time. [Read More]
Over the next few years, NASA plans to get back to launching its own rockets again, with two deep-space missions that will take new hardware... [Read More]
We're just 18 weeks away from the "Great American Total Solar Eclipse" that will darken skies across the continental U.S. on Aug. 21. Here's what... [Read More]
The problem of space debris is not going away any time soon — not unless immediate steps are taken to curb its growth and mitigate the... [Read More]
It seems inevitable that humans are going to Mars, but unless they figure out the radiation problem, all that preparation will be moot. [Read More]
A ton of new "Star Wars" toys and collectibles are being revealed as we near the 40th anniversary of "A New Hope." [Read More]
This Sunday (April 16) is Easter, but NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson reports that the crew is low on chocolate, which is considered by many to... [Read More]
On April 22 (Earth Day), scientists and science advocates will gather in Washington, D.C., for the first-ever March for Science. Here's a space fan's guide... [Read More]
See photos of the astronauts and cosmonauts in the Expedition 51 mission to the International Space Station. [Read More]
Oklahoma Representative Jim Bridenstine says he is still in the running to be the new head of NASA. [Read More]
A 75-year-old widow of an engineer who worked for NASA did not know that moon rocks are the property of the federal government and that... [Read More]
A Wisconsin chocolate-maker has more to worry about than just the normal rush of Easter orders, she's being sued by the Mars Candy Company for... [Read More]
We tried the Milk Makeup Holographic Stick in Mars on two different skin tones and were pleasantly surprised at the outcome. [Read More]