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A father died saving his 10-year-old son during a fiery chain-reaction car crash in Michigan that killed three people and injured four others, according to reports. The horrific... [Read More]
A sheriff's deputy and his K9 partner made for an impressive tag team in taking down a pair of alleged car thieves. Bodycam footage shows... [Read More]
Don't try this at home. A tricky driver in Massachusetts was busted using a pizza box to fashion a makeshift license plate in a DIY... [Read More]
Here we go again. On April 15, an unforgettable YouTube sensation gave birth to a baby boy in upstate New York. Nearly 2 million viewers... [Read More]
Forget a lighter sentence — this guy wants more time in the slammer. A Louisiana man charged with attempted murder was baffled that the state... [Read More]
An amateur interpreter for the deaf was tapped at the last minute to provide sign language during a press conference — and things got out... [Read More]
Hurricane Irma swept across the Florida Keys, crushing homes in its path, uprooting greenery and wiping out power for some 15 million Florida residents. Key... [Read More]
A Maine man being pursued by police in a car chase used a child to block himself from being tased, authorities said. York County police... [Read More]
Police in Hialeah, Fla., are searching for a man who doused his pregnant girlfriend with gasoline and lit her on fire — all while her... [Read More]