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Crime in New York City is at its lowest levels since the 1950s. NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton says a renewed focus on disorder, as well... [Read More]
Hannah Fry is co-author of The Indisputable Existence Of Santa Claus, an application of mathematics to holiday quandaries like wrapping round presents, turkey roasting and... [Read More]
At the Coquito Masters, the competition is as stiff as the Puerto Rican cocktail. But this year, the contest has a bittersweet mission in preserving... [Read More]
Twelve journalists have been murdered in Mexico this year, the latest Tuesday while at his 6-year-old son's school Christmas pageant. We explore why Mexico is... [Read More]
The corporate tax rate will fall for all businesses, but some provisions in the bill will especially benefit certain industries — manufacturers, real estate companies,... [Read More]
Uber has hit a roadblock in Europe. The European Union's top court denied the company's contention that it is a digital platform. The court ruled... [Read More]
Republicans' tax overhaul gets rid of the tax penalty for people who fail to maintain insurance coverage. If it becomes law, what happens to the... [Read More]
In Colorado, nearly 40 percent of state lawmakers are women. It's among the highest rates of female political representation around the country. But the state... [Read More]
In Honduras, police fire tear gas at protesters angered that incumbent President Juan Orlando Hernandez has been reelected. The Organization of American States calls for... [Read More]
Congressional Republicans appear on the cusp of their first major legislative victory of the Trump era, with a House vote on the tax bill set... [Read More]
Chicago jazz piano legend Willie Pickens died this past week at age 86. Fellow musicians remember him as a talented musician and mentor to generations... [Read More]
What were the memorable moments in television this year? NPR's TV Critic Eric Deggans runs through his list with guest host Ray Suarez. [Read More]
The Republican tax bill includes a provision that would open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil exploration and drilling. It's a blow to... [Read More]
President Trump could see his first major legislative victory this week if Congress succeeds in passing the GOP tax overhaul bill. NPR guest host Ray... [Read More]
Historian Elaine Tyler May says that since the Cold War, fear has crept into American life. Her new book, Fortress America, examines key events that... [Read More]
President-elect Donald Trump is scheduled to hold his first press conference since July on Wednesday morning at 11 a.m. EST. He will likely face questions... [Read More]
California Governor Jerry Brown's new $122.5 billion budget proposal, released on Tuesday, reflects a cautious approach. With the state projected to run a $1.6... [Read More]
This year, more than 1.6 million cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States. More than 600,000 Americans are expected to die of... [Read More]
Zadie Smith's latest novel "Swing Time" follows the lives of two biracial girls who dream of becoming dancers, though only one has enough talent to... [Read More]
After Monday's lull, the Bay Area's third major storm of the year continues to pound the region with heavy rains and high winds. Blizzard warnings... [Read More]