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The Apple Watch is expensive, and it doesn't often go on sale. Shoppers aren't likely to find Apple Watch discounts at the Apple store. But... [Read More]
After previously earning the designation of one of the overall best inventions of 2017, the iPhone X has today been placed at the #2 spot... [Read More]
Although cellular versions of the Apple Watch Series 3 nominally need to be linked to an iPhone number to make calls, they may be able... [Read More]
Apple today reminded developers to update their Apple Watch apps to take advantage of features introduced in watchOS 4 and Apple Watch Series 3, like... [Read More]
Apple is gearing up for the holidays by launching its gift guide webpage on Wednesday, showcasing its newest devices. The site features the iPhone 8 and... [Read More]
[Hold Tech] Apple prepares for holiday season by launching a gift guide showcasing its latest devices. [Read More]
We review the Apple Watch Series 3 and here are our thoughts on Apples latest wearable... [Read More]
Apple has retaken the wearable sales crown with the release of the Apple Watch Series 3, with Xiaomi in second place and Fitbit trailing behind... [Read More]
Some people like to pretend that there's actually a sizeable smart watch market out there, but the truth is there are only a handful of... [Read More]
Apple Watch retook the top spot in wearables during Q3, with 3.9 million Apple Watch units and 800,000 Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular. [Read More]
Apple is once again on top in the wearable market for the past quarter, according to Canalys. Apple shipped 3.9 million Watches, marking its strongest... [Read More]
With the launch of the Apple Watch Series 3 and iPhone X behind us, there's still one more new Apple product on my shopping list... [Read More]
Apple has regained its position as the biggest producer of wearable devices in the world, analytics firm Canalys claims, with the release of the Apple... [Read More]
But sales overall have been strong. [Read More]
Apple's Apple Watch Series 3 helped the smartwatch market grow 11% in the third quarter, Canalys said. [Read More]
Apple's new smartwatch with cellular connectivity is proving to be a hit with consumers. As a result, Apple is once again the market leader for... [Read More]
After a nasty crash with a landing in a great white shark nursery area, a kite surfer used his Series 3 Apple Watch with LTE... [Read More]
John Willes told an interesting tale to The Daily Mail of London. Mr. Willes is a kitesurfer who recently wiped out a mile from the... [Read More]
Apple Watch Series 3 means staying connected almost anywhere — including while stranded in shark-infested waters. [Read More]
Apple Watch Series 3 lets you make calls even when your iPhone isn't nearby, and the new cellular feature is already coming to the rescue... [Read More]