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A documentary film, "I Am Not Your Negro," which aims to present history from the Civil Rights movement to present day Black Lives Matter events,... [Read More]
They ranged in age from 33 to 66. They were an equal mix of city residents and suburbanites. Some had negative feelings about Black Lives... [Read More]
Missouri Democratic State Rep. Bruce Franks tells Tucker why he raised his fist recently during the Pledge of Allegiance. #Tucker... [Read More]
Martin Luther King Jr. is cherished by most Americans, treated as one of the greatest peaceful protesters in history, and heralded for bringing people together... [Read More]
A group of people marched during a Black Lives Matter rally that started at Gold Medal Park in Minneapolis, Minn. On Wednesday,... [Read More]
PepsiCo, which was slammed last year for an ad that tried to play off current events, is looking for safer ground by reviving its past.... [Read More]
Those ages 19 to 84, including a local Black Lives Matter organizer, share thoughts on what future holds. [Read More]
This is the smoking gun. This is the proof we've been looking for. Harrison Smith breaks down the cache of documents that was recently leaked,... [Read More]
Black Lives Matter says the "vote" theme of the women's march excludes marginalized people of all ethnicities and narrows the focus of fighting back to... [Read More]
Black Lives Matter, Stolen Sisters and Brothers argue researchers do not fit criteria of being independent and unbiased... [Read More]
The city of Seattle will pay a Black Lives Matter activist $85,000 to settle his complaint that he was targeted and ruffed up during a... [Read More]
Erica Garner, daughter of Eric Garner -- whose death while in New York police custody sparked outrage and a subsequent movement for national police reform... [Read More]
Lisa Durden was fired after she defended Black Lives Matter on Fox News. [Read More]
Q: Were a dozen or more women found dead in a freezer with "Black Lives Matter" carved in them? A: No. Versions of that false... [Read More]
They want the city's new head prosecutor to take a look at a case they say resulted in a wrongful conviction. [Read More]
The right-wing news blogger's Twitter account was suspended in 2015 after he asked for donations to "take out" a Black Lives Matter activist. [Read More]
The Black Lives Matter activist arrested outside Erica Garner's funeral said holding a protest was what the late leader "would have done." [Read More]
'I thought the story of Trayvon was contemporary enough. That's really where the Black Lives Matter movement came from. I wanted to look at it... [Read More]
Notorious far-right troll Chuck Johnson was permanently suspended from Twitter for his call to 'take out' a Black Lives Matter activist. Now, he wants back. [Read More]
A few dozen protesters took a knee in cold, light rain on a sidewalk near the venue of the College Football Playoff title game Monday... [Read More]