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Years ago, Hollywood re-released "Gone With the Wind," an epic movie set against the backdrop of the Civil War. My mother remembered it fondly as... [Read More]
Readers sound off on the Nashville Public Library, the Civil War and gun rights.        ... [Read More]
Our Civil War wasn't only about slavery, although by current societal representations one might believe that to be the case. It was also a war... [Read More]
The U.S. government has a short and selective memory. This was in full display on Jan. 8, when Kristjen Nielsen, secretary of Homeland Security, announced... [Read More]
Maher Samaan stayed in Aleppo throughout the conflict but her beloved Amira fled to Lebanon in 2012... [Read More]
Pennsylvania, of all places, brings us the story of a two-fer in the cultural civil war that's now raging. [Read More]
Not many people can say they have come "eye to eye" with the Civil War soldier atop Monroe County's tallest war memorial. [Read More]
This essay confronts the collision of two potential global threats: the outbreak of infectious pandemics and the outbreak and protraction of civil wars. [Read More]
This essay examines why England experienced a civil war every fifty years from the Norman Conquest up until the Glorious Revolution of 1688–1689, and was... [Read More]
 The surname "McCollum" is very well-known in the history of Niagara County. Joel McCollum was one of the earliest settlers in what is now the... [Read More]
St. Joseph's College and Seminary, situated just next to the railroad tracks running through Teutopolis, was built during the turmoil of the American Civil War.... [Read More]
Developers halted plans Friday for a sprawling entertainment and residential complex in Tennessee after archaeologists discovered what they believe are graves on a site near... [Read More]
Suspected burial sites of slaves will be preserved if confirmed. [Read More]
SHILOH, N.C.—James Jennings sat in his regiment's camp and wrote a letter home with a quill pen. [Read More]
The hardest part for Amina Hassan was explaining it to her kids. Should she tell them that President Donald Trump didn't mean to include her... [Read More]
One hundred fifty years ago this month, Florida convened its first constitutional convention in Tallahassee in the post-Civil War era. The experience was not a... [Read More]
Fort Fisher will celebrate its history with its 153rd anniversary commemoration this weekend, bringing to life the battles fought at this key location during the... [Read More]
Who would you pick? [Read More]
During the Laotian Civil War, the CIA recruited Hmong and Lao soldiers to fight against communist forces. [Read More]
The crisis in Yemen is getting bloodier. This month, the civil war in Yemen will complete 1,000 days. As of now, more than 10,000 people... [Read More]