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Britain's treasury chief has outlined cautious spending plans to a nation bracing for the shock of leaving the European Union, as a stream of worsening... [Read More]
JOHN MCDONNELL repeatedly refused to answer how much money he would put in a Brexit fund to help Britain leave the European Union during a... [Read More]
The European Union's attempt to streamline its complicated relationship with Switzerland may get a boost on Thursday. [Read More]
Good morning! Here's what you need to know. 1. Britain will submit its proposals on how to settle its financial obligations to the European... [Read More]
When Theresa May visits Brussels on Friday, EU negotiators will be listening intently for signs the British prime minister is preparing to risk a domestic... [Read More]
With a potentially perilous exit from the European Union looming, many Britons face a squeeze on living standards, but for one group, it may prove... [Read More]
Some European Union member states are resisting plans to raise the tax bill of technology companies, draft documents show.EU finance ministers are expected t... [Read More]
The European Union is ready for an offer from Theresa May that could unlock Brexit trade talks, even as a consensus is forming in Brussels... [Read More]
JACOB Rees-Mogg has said it was a "schoolboy error" for Treasury forecasts to suggest Britain would pay £3.5billion into the coffers of the European Union... [Read More]
Growth forecasts in Britain's budget show the headwinds of negotiating an exit from the European Union, says William Adams, senior international economist at PNC. [Read More]
BRITISH and European businesses should join forces to put pressure on the European Union to deliver a mutually beneficial Brexit trade deal, Nigel Farage has... [Read More]
White Nationalist Richard Spencer has been banned from 26 European countries for five years, the Polish news site Niezalenzna reported Monday. Spencer has been banned... [Read More]
SHADOW Chancellor John McDonnell called on the British Government to start 'serious negotiations' with the European Union to ensure a Brexit deal is signed. [Read More]
Students from Bangor Universitys Business and Law Schools have visited some of the key institutions of the European Union and the Council of Europe in... [Read More]
LONDON Mayor Sadiq Khan claimed the 2017 Budget failed to provide businesses with the Brexit certainty they need and will bush companies to relocate to... [Read More]
Human rights group Amnesty International says its staff have found torture equipment for sale at a military and police trade fair in Paris in contravention... [Read More]
"This budget is about much more than Brexit," Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond told Parliament on Wednesday. Yet the U.K.'s pending exit from the... [Read More]
A summit of euro zone leaders will go ahead as planned in the middle of December, the chairman of European Union leaders said on Wednesday,... [Read More]
BRITAIN has gained an unlikely ally in the form of a German MEP who said the European Union was "insulting" the UK in the battle... [Read More]
VINCE CABLE has made the shock claim that most of the Budget is pointless because of the large amount of funding set aside for Britain... [Read More]