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It's becoming apparent there was meddling in the presidential election by people from other countries. The focus has been on Russia, but it's likely there... [Read More]
Citizens are encouraged to use the platform to report online content that attacks the military's absolute leadership. [Read More]
CHINA-MILITARY/:China military sets up website to report leaks, fake news... [Read More]
I have been an Observer-Reporter subscriber for many years, but at my home you are now skating on very thin ice. At this point I... [Read More]
Story on fake news website claimed PBSO's chief deputy, Mike Gauger, was a white supremacist. [Read More]
Pakistan Defence Forum, which describes itself as "a one stop resource for Pakistan defence, strategic affairs, security issues, world defence and military affairs" has... [Read More]
Somehow, the Alabama special election has managed to get even uglier in the last week, this time thanks to hoaxes. [Read More]
Trump dismisses negative polls "fake news." But secretly, he can't stop following them. [Read More]
It's time to wake up to this very simple realization: Fake news won't fix itself. Our information ecosystem is awash in garbage, noise... [Read More]
Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) started an avalanche of fake news after she said the feds paid $15 million over two decades for sexual harassment... [Read More]
Fake news tweets and social media posts that flooded the internet leading up to the 2016 presidential election came from a Russian troll factory that... [Read More]
Fake news tweets and social media posts came from a Russian troll factory that works around the clock like any IT facility——except lies were pumping out. [Read More]
Forget fake news, it all kicked off this week with the news that Altior will miss the Tingle Creek! [Read More]
To the editor, There is a lot of talk about "fake news" these days. It is a shame, however, to see the Stamford Advocate... [Read More]
Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the world wide web, says fake news, propaganda and the demise of net neutrality threaten to destory the internet as an... [Read More]
A Google engineer once dubbed those nasty, lie-filled conspiracy theories that pop up from time to time "evil unicorns." Now, they've begun cropping up higher... [Read More]
A new dispute about Russian "fake news" centres on the Catalonia crisis, Ellis Palmer writes. [Read More]
Imagine yourself as president of the United States. Every day brings new slurs, attacks, "fake news," unsubstantiated allegations, threats of impeachment - and little support... [Read More]
ПонедельникNyet. Am not Russian. Is fake news. Am entirely typical Englishman, called Geoff. From County of Albert Square, in shadow of misty mountain of Birmin... [Read More]