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While the Great American Eclipse wasn't totally visible in the Twin Towns Area, residents could get a glimpse around 1 p.m. Monday, Aug. 21. [Read More]
Phylicia McCorkle, Reds Diversity Relations Coordinator, talks about African American Night at Great American Ballpark, hosted by the Cincinnati Reds. For more information visit [Read More]
This chart, created by a Reddit user, has been going around after the Great American Eclipse. After looking at this chart all I can say... [Read More]
Lake County got a bit slower on the morning of Monday, Aug. 21, as the moon blocked out 92 – 97 percent of the sun... [Read More]
An Iowa woman who was born during the 1979 solar eclipse gave birth to her child Monday--during the "Great American Eclipse." [Read More]
With thunder rumbling and lightning flashing in the background, the Great American Solar Eclipse showed the total of itself at 2:45 p.m. Monday to the... [Read More]
The great American solar eclipse made its way through the entire country Monday, from Oregon to the Carolinas, and even though California was not one... [Read More]
After weeks of anticipation and hype, the Great American Eclipse is over. Totality, or the lack thereof in the greater Bluefield area, lasted for about... [Read More]
While many people were traveling here and there to watch the solar eclipse that occurred Monday afternoon, I was at Lake Lure Classical Academy (LLCA)... [Read More]
The Saturday before the Great American Eclipse, drivers and walk-on travelers alike were upbeat in the face of having nearly half the regular trips canceled... [Read More]
Manager Joe Maddon already is convinced that the 28-year-old left-hander's future isn't in the bullpen. Montgomery (3-6, 3.63 ERA) is scheduled to make his... [Read More]
There is a "buzz" in the halls around Bluefield High School and Graham High School about the annual rivalry game coming to Mitchell Stadium Friday... [Read More]
Jane Jacobs' "Death and Life" is a seminal text for urbanists. But what insights does it hold for us today? [Read More]
Thousands of people watched the moon temporarily block the sun on Monday during the 2017 Great American Eclipse, but Lauren Johnson did not because she... [Read More]
There are widespread reports of people who may have suffered eye damage during the 'Great American Eclipse'. In areas of totality, it may be worse... [Read More]
One lucky mom gave birth during the Great American eclipse, a day that's sure to go down in the history books! [Read More]
Two military service members were able to time their photo just right and get hitched under the great American eclipse. [Read More]
The Great American Eclipse may be over, but knowing Fort Wayne's proximity to the 2024 total solar eclipse has prompted one college professor to colle... [Read More]
When the Great American Eclipse ended in Hopkinsville on Monday, thousands of people began leaving, many of them via Interstate 69 north toward Madisonville. But... [Read More]