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the startup founded by Android creator Andy Rubin - plans to sell itself, according to a new Bloomberg report. The hardware company released its... [Read More]
Honestly, $22 is more than fair for the new Anker Fast Wireless Charger. It supports 10W fast wireless charging for Samsung Galaxy phones and other... [Read More]
As anyone who's dropped their phone knows, a case is an absolute must — and perhaps even more so with the iPhone X or the... [Read More]
Samsung's new Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ launched about two months ago. The OnePlus 6 began shipping earlier this week, and the LG G7 ThinQ... [Read More]
If Apple's iPhone X's appearance is a bit pedestrian for your taste, then you may want to take a look at what a Parisian company... [Read More]
Last September, Apple unveiled a smartphone that looked like none before it: SEE ALSO: If you preorder LG's new iPhone X clone, you... [Read More]
HTC U12 Plus smartphone takes on the iPhone X and Galaxy S9 spec-wise, Apple opens the door for users to check on data the company... [Read More]
HTC's newest flagship phone is here. On Wednesday, HTC unveiled the the U12+, a high-end Android smartphone aimed at the Samsungs and LGs... [Read More]
Something strange is happening right now in the smartphone market: Apple no longer makes the most powerful smartphone in the world. Well actually, we should... [Read More]
In the nine months since Apple unveiled the iPhone X, we've seen plenty of Android phones adopting the "notch." Now, LG, Huawei, OnePlus, and others... [Read More]
Apple this year will release up to four new iPhones, three of which are expected to arrive this fall, at Apple's usual September event. Reports... [Read More]
Apple is on track to launch its next-generation flagship iPhone earlier than last year's iPhone X. According to a new report, Apple's manufacturing partner Taiwan... [Read More]
The iPhone X may not have helped Apple shatter any quarterly sales records, but it's still performing incredibly well in the market place. ... [Read More]
Telecom giant Softbank announced the 22-pound dumbbell case for the iPhone X. [Read More]
Apple's iPhone business has stagnated, in terms of the number of devices the company is selling. A new report by GBH Insights, which is based... [Read More]
The OnePlus 6, from the small Chinese phone maker OnePlus, is making a really good case against the $1,000 iPhone X. In several... [Read More]
Weaker than expected iPhone X sales have hurt near-term results at ams, but management expects a stronger second half from its Apple business. New wins... [Read More]
Apple's iPhone X or the OnePlus 6? [Read More]
 In hawking its iPhone X, Apple produced a commercial showing how easy it is to pay with your face.Three seconds. That's all it takes for... [Read More]
Many know the pain and agony that comes with cracking a $1,000 smartphone - including I-Team reporter Jason Knowles. Knowles discovered obstacles to getting the... [Read More]