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The Root 100 honoree Michael Smith breaks down what people really mean when they tell him and his co-host, Jemele Hill, to "stick to sports."... [Read More]
Former ESPN great Dan Patrick recently noted that Jemele Hill is lucky to have kept her job after a string of disturbing social media posts. [Read More]
Michael Smith and Jemele Hill react to Ezekiel Elliott withdrawing his appeal of a six-game suspension and wonder whether the legal process has been productive... [Read More]
"Attitude like this is a step backwards..." [Read More]
Dan Patrick discusses his "beef" with Ice Cube, the Jemele Hill suspension, receiving an acting co-sign from Adam Sandler, his legacy at ESPN, and more... [Read More]
Very odd for a supposed white supremacist... [Read More]
Part of what is ignored about ESPN spokesperson Jemele Hill's set of tweets this week which included accusations that Donald Trump is a White Supremacist... [Read More]
It turns out that being social justice warriors crying about racism while reporting on black athletes who make millions a year for throwing a ball... [Read More]
The biggest incident came when SportsCenter host Jemele Hill was suspended for two weeks for violating the company's social media guidelines multiple times. [Read More]
On Thursday the Walt Disney Co.-owned cable sports network updated its social media guidelines for employees, calling on them to, "Do nothing that would undercut... [Read More]
ESPN, beset for months over conflicts sparked by its on-air staffers' social-media comments on political and cultural issues, unveiled new policies aimed at tamping down... [Read More]
ESPN employees appear to have taken the lessons of recently suspended host Jemele Hill's Twitter activism and resistance to President Trump... [Read More]
The employees at ESPN have new guidelines for what they should and shouldn't say on social media - but clearly, Michael Rapaport isn't an ESPN... [Read More]
Stricter guidelines were provided to writers, reporters, producers, and editors involved in 'hard' news. [Read More]
"The most important principles have not changed. Most profoundly, they reflect our continued commitment to journalism and our focus on sports," ESPN president John Skipper... [Read More]
ESPN shares new social media guidelines with employees after Jemele Hill Twitter controversy. [Read More]
After the controversy surrounding Jemele Hill 's use of Twitter and her ensuing suspension, ESPN has released new social media guidelines for its employees,... [Read More]
The network recently suspended the TV personality for twice violating the policy. [Read More]
She's fine!        ... [Read More]

Mistake-prone ESPN just keeps making one bad decision after another. The list of errors in judgment is rapidly growing and badly damaging the sports network.... [Read More]