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"Tommy Christopher. You are offensive. This ins't your 'slant" on the news. This is your pure hatred bubbling over into journalism and you should be... [Read More]
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"Are you talking to the president? Is that the president?" a host asked excitedly. [Read More]
White House aide Kellyanne Conway says it's only fair to expose any potential conflicts of interest of investigators helping Robert Mueller examine Russia's interference in... [Read More]
"Damaging Intel on Swillary? She did enough damage publicly that she lost the election." "The dems screwed up big time in 2016, Clinton was major... [Read More]
She didn't even flinch when the show went live. [Read More]
Kellyanne Conway suggested that the team of lawyers investigating Russia potential meddling in the presidential election were Hillary Clinton supporters, during her Friday appearance on... [Read More]
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Fox & Friends White House counselor Kellyanne Conway zeroed in Friday on special counsel Robert Mueller, telling "Fox & Friends" that she thinks it's important... [Read More]
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