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Kim Jong Un is evidently a pudgy little putz whose missile program is a post-nuclear form of Freudian overcompensation, and he must be dealt with... [Read More]
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Kim Jong Un and Trump are two kooks On Twitter they hurl their rebukes Of fire and fury To... [Read More]
The war of words between Washington and Pyongyang continued over the weekend, with North Korea's foreign minister warning that a missile attack on the U.S. mainland... [Read More]
Nuclear Deterrence and the Revenge of Geography by Joshua Pollack | September 24, 2017 | 5 CommentsWith the President overriding his advisers to deliver insulting... [Read More]
It doesn't matter who scores in the war of words between President Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong-un: What counts is action, and Team Trump... [Read More]
NORTH Korea, Venezuela and Chad have been added to the US's travel ban list. Citizens from Kim Jong-un's rogue state and North African Chad will... [Read More]
A standing "O" for a murderous despot... [Read More]
The latest North Korea missile tests and strong words between North Korea's Supreme leader Kim Jong-Un and President Donald Trump have catapulted tensions between the... [Read More]
Apparently the only person more thin-skinned than the Hollywood elites and snowflake liberals is North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. President Trump calling him "Rocket Man"... [Read More]
'This was invented in 2009 from the government paying the NFL to market military recruitment — to get more people to fight wars to die'... [Read More]
President Trump's characterization of Kim Jong-un as "rocket man" only makes it all the more inevitable that North Korea's rockets will "visit" the U.S. mainland,... [Read More]
"Please God, close Mr. Trump's mouth before he causes a nuclear war with Kim Jong-un. Anyone with any intelligence knows you do not argue with,... [Read More]
C'mon Kim Jong Un, wouldn't you rather shop than fight? Make deals, not war. [Read More]
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US President Donald Trump has warned North Korea, saying if the country's Foreign Minister was echoing thoughts of his supreme leader Kim Jong-Un in his... [Read More]
War of words may be part of a vision where peace, prosperity and security is only achieved through militarization. [Read More]