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YouTube fixes restricted mode issue that blocked more than 12 million LGBT videos. Also, Apple's Tim Cook calls out Uber's Travis Kalanick. [Read More]
YouTube has corrected an error in its systems that had incorrectly blocked hundreds of thousands of videos featuring LGBTQ content when viewed in Restricted Mode.... [Read More]
YouTube has promised to "fix" the problem, whatever that means. However, any fix that leaves "Restricted Mode" in place is no fix at all. [Read More]
Putting LGBTQ content in "restricted mode" is not a good idea. [Read More]
Recently, YouTube introduced a new feature to their video streaming website. It's one that has been met with much scrutiny from both creators and users... [Read More]
YouTube caught up in LGBT restriction anger ... [Read More]
The respected NGO said that one of its videos had been caught up in YouTube's now-notorious "Restricted Mode" filter system. [Read More]
Good morning! Here is the tech news you need to know this Wednesday. 1. Apple announced a series of new hardware products. Products include... [Read More]
One YouTube user whose videos feature feminist and queer perspectives says the filtering tool reinforces 'equating LGBTQ+ with 'not family friendly.''... [Read More]
"We're sorry and we're going to fix it," YouTube wrote Monday night on their blog after receiving widespread criticism from LGBT producers. [Read More]
We jump right in and discuss the YouTube restricted mode and problems we've been facing here at We Are Change with getting our videos mysteriously... [Read More]
YouTube's "Restricted Mode" recently blocked videos by gay, bisexual and transgender creators. ... [Read More]
YouTube says it is not censoring anyone, the overly strict restrictions were simply a mistake. [Read More]
YouTube late Monday responded to recent flaps over ads being placed adjacent to controversial content and its Restricted Mode blocking content from the LGBTQ (lesbian,... [Read More]
Over the last few days, LGBTQ YouTubers have spoken out about how YouTube's "Restricted Mode," a safe-browsing mode used in schools and workplaces, is hiding... [Read More]
Earlier this week, Pitchfork reported that YouTube's Restricted Mode—which is used to filter content deemed inappropriate for someone under 18—was blocking LGBT content for seemingly... [Read More]
After Tegan and Sara and others criticized YouTube's Restricted Mode for unfairly limiting LGBTQ content, the company plans to change the policy. [Read More]
Videos discussing LGBTQ topics have become hidden in YouTube's Restricted Mode and vlogger Connor Franta is "frightened" by the consequences it may have on young... [Read More]
YouTube has been accidentally filtering LGBTQ videos for Restricted Mode users. [Read More]
YouTube will fix the bug making its Restricted Mode censor LGBTQ+ content, the company's Vice President of Product Management Johanna Wright promised on Monday. In a... [Read More]