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One hundred seventeen years ago, before 1900, it was the custom of hunters in America to get together as teams and spend one full day... [Read More]
Squirrels everywhere will be quaking in their little boots. Just in time for Christmas, Ruger has announced an attractive new 10/22 package that just pay... [Read More]
Squirrels are the clowns of the garden. ... They are also terrorists with tails. [Read More]
Young Writers Project is an independent nonprofit based in Burlington that engages middle and high school students from anywhere in the world to write, to... [Read More]
Meet the Steve Irwin of Purdue professors. [Read More]
They were, for the most part, tough men who came from poor families in rural areas of Arkansas. They were men who hunted rabbits and... [Read More]
Squirrels are funny little creatures. They are always finding their way to places where they may not always be welcome. This particular squirrel found its... [Read More]
Feed yourself in a public park. Feed the pigeons and the squirrels there, too. Whatever you do, though, don't share your food with a hungry... [Read More]
It must be a perilous existence. You're nothing but a tasty morsel to an array of predators that includes hawks, coyotes and bobcats. If you... [Read More]
Langstone, Hampshire Grey squirrels begin mating in mid-December, but here the males' chittering pursuit started weeks ago... [Read More]
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Smaller bullets help with accuracy and performance... [Read More]
Smart cookies remember their buried treasure... [Read More]
Squirrels of the CSU campus are now classified as their own species, according to a recent zoological report. [Read More]
Avoid those stripped by the squirrels... [Read More]
No, their tails haven't been bleached. The two white-tailed squirrels living in Fulton resident Jim Pierson's back yard appear to have been born that way. [Read More]
Watch Rescue Squirrels Have The Most Patient Mom, an In the Wild video from The Dodo. [Read More]
My backyard has been taken over by a group of very lively squirrels. They like to dig holes in my garden, flower pots and yard... [Read More]
"How many squirrels does it take to change a light bulb?" [Read More]
It's the most wonderful time of the year. It's also the time of year when outdoor Christmas decorations get nibbled by little critters. [Read More]