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THE DAY I MET EL CHAPO Netflix Original documentary! This three-part series is a biographical account of Mexican actress Kate del Castillo, using never-before-seen footage... [Read More]
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Warner Bros. Pennywise the Dancing Clown from 2017's hit horror movie "It" will be everywhere this Halloween. Premade versions of the clown costume... [Read More]
In 1922, the upcoming drama film based on a Stephen King novella, country life is not what it seems, especially when there is murder involved. [Read More]
Stephen King's It movie adaptation at one point was scheduled to have Pennywise's origin story. [Read More]
Netflix's new movies "1922," based on a Stephen King story, and "Wheelman" are among the new titles in the streamingverse this week. [Read More]
Pancake artist Ben Daniels of Dancakes makes an edible creation from Stephen King's "It" at the 14th annual Art in the Park. Dancakes was one... [Read More]
Stephen King turned 70 last week, and he's got plenty to celebrate. The prolific author is having a major moment this year as the film... [Read More]
A lesser-known novella from the bestselling author lands on Netflix with a transformative performance from Thomas Jane and a mounting sense of dread... [Read More]
King grabbed the phone book, looked up the actual barracks number, and published it.. Maine news, sports, politics, election results, and obituaries from the Bangor... [Read More]
There are certain authors that Hollywood just can't get enough of, and one of those names is Stephen King. [Read More]
Netflix's latest crime thriller "Mindhunter" is gaining steam-even Stephen King is a fan. If the deep dive into serial killers' psyche has you hooked, here... [Read More]
Joe Hill is a best-selling author… he has published nearly everything from comics to novels. He also happens to be one of Stephen King's sons. [Read More]
Penobscot Theatre Company's production of "Misery" is a stunningly suspenseful staging of Stephen King's novel and a triumph for the technical team that works behind... [Read More]
The public has gone crazy for Pennywise. "It," based on Stephen King's 1986 horror novel, quickly became one of the highest grossing horror films in history. As... [Read More]
Stephen King wrote The Shining after he checked into a famously haunted hotel. What might happen to you? [Read More]
Ward Four incumbent Cadillac City Councilman John Meinhardt will face challenger Stephen King this November. [Read More]
If you thought the Stephen King renaissance was just about ready to let off the accelerator this year, 1922 is set to kick up... [Read More]