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President Donald Trump told veteran television reporter Lesley Stahl that he attacks the press to "demean" and "discredit" reporters so that the public won't believe... [Read More]
"You know why I do it?" the then-president-elect asked in an off-camera discussion at Trump Tower, Stahl recalled at an even in New York on... [Read More]
Rep. Jim Himes said Monday that even if private military contractor Erik Prince perjured himself during his congressional testimony, House Republicans likely wouldn't do anything... [Read More]
QuickLink: Rantt Rundown: As The Case For Collusion Mounts, President Trump Intervenes - - 'Over the weekend, Trump ordered the Justice Department to investigate... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's economic advisor Stephen Moore took to CNN Monday to promote the president's latest conspiracy theory that former President Barack Obama ordered an... [Read More]
There is more controversy over another meeting in Trump Tower in 2016 involving Donald Trump Jr.. Get the latest Yuma and Imperial Valley news, sports... [Read More]
President Trump and allies want nothing more than to discredit the investigation of special counsel Robert Mueller. Their latest attempt involves the president demanding that... [Read More]
A new report reveals Donald Trump Junior held another questionable meeting at Trump Tower, this time with Arab contacts, in the months leading up to... [Read More]
Let me share some thoughts on the significance of that blockbuster Times article from the weekend on that 2016 Trump... [Read More]
A showdown with the Justice Department, a new Don Jr. meeting, Roger Stone expecting an indictment, and more. News about the Mueller investigation did not... [Read More]
Last week we found out that Michael Cohen, President Trump's now-notorious fixer, had been working on that Trump Tower Moscow deal much longer than was... [Read More]
First Read is your briefing from "Meet the Press" and the NBC Political Unit on the day's most important political stories and why they matter. [Read More]
One thing that may fall out after the New York Times' bombshell story about a second meeting at Trump Tower with Donald Trump, Jr. and... [Read More]
Three months before the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump Jr. met with a small group of people at Trump Tower in New York, including an... [Read More]
Unfortunately, weather prevented a #114th golf game today, so 45* got on the Twitter-Blower. Idiot Trump seeks another 'Obama tapps" diversion as... [Read More]
— One day the screaming tedium of all these revelations will burst the dam of indifference — the dam of willful blindness,... [Read More]
*/ Elie Honig, former assistant U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York on Thursday said the mysterious phone call between Donald Trump Jr.... [Read More]
Donald Trump and special counsel Robert S. Mueller III. (Photo: Jabin Botsford / The Washington Post via Getty Images; Win McNamee / Getty Images) Truthout... [Read More]
Newly released transcripts from Donald Trump Jr.'s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee reveal he told the committee he "can't recall" discussing the 2016 Trump... [Read More]