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The majority of Americans believe that the United States and not Mexico will be the one ending up to pay for Trump's wall on the Mexican border. [Read More]
Believing their voices matter more than ever, Rogue Valley women will march in Ashland, Portland, La Manzanilla, Mexico, and Washington, D.C. Saturday — the day after the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump. They... [Read More]
No doubt Donald Trump will be showered with honors at his inauguration, but none will be quite as unique as this little moth. A biologist has named a newly discovered species of moth... [Read More]
New Mexico lawmakers are diving into efforts to close a lingering budget gap for the current budget year on the second day of their legislative session. Lawmakers begin deliberations Wednesday on a package... [Read More]
New Mexico lawmakers are proposing a change to the state constitution that would automatically provide voter registration through driver's license records unless individuals chose not to participate.... [Read More]
SANTA FE -- Key New Mexico budget-writing panels in the House and Senate signed off today on similar $244 million solvency packages that would patch a projected hole in the state's…... [Read More]
Central New Mexico Community College is using a federal grant to address the state's shortage of health care workers and to put people to work. [Read More]
The man accused of bringing guns and ammunition onto the University of New Mexico campus will remain in federal custody. [Read More]
One bill being discussed during the 2017 legislative session would make attacking first responders a hate crime in New Mexico. [Read More]
A federal appeals court is weighing whether the feds can release more Mexican Gray Wolves into the New Mexico wild without permission from t…... [Read More]
Before she heads out at 4:30 every morning to scrub floors, Josie Torres prays she and her husband, Sergio, will be able to come home at day's end. The couple are undocumented... [Read More]
A farm labor recruiter didn't pay at least three-quarters of the promised wages to workers from Mexico, as required by federal law. [Read More]
Lawmakers are proposing changing the state constitution to provide voter registration through driver's licenses. [Read More]
This year's 60 day New Mexico legislative session will focus on economic issues, more economic issues and la grifa, tambien. [Read More]
Watch "Fate Of The Promised U.S.-Mexico Border Wall", a CBSN video on View more CBSN videos and watch CBSN, a live news stream featuring original CBS News reporting. [Read More]
A group of more than 400 New Mexican women leave Thursday to join Saturday's Women's March on Washington. [Read More]
It can be a long journey down to the warm lagoons in Mexico – especially for a youngster new to the world. A captain aboard a Dana Wharf Whale... [Read More]
New Mexico State University is warning about a text scam targeting students. [Read More]
REUTERS/Victor Ruiz Garcia Just a day after a multi-homicide shooting marred a music festival in Playa del Carmen, the state prosecutor's office in nearby Cancun was attacked by gunmen, leaving four... [Read More]
The dense fog recently has been an issue, but a few days ago, it was to blame for a Mississippi man driving into the Gulf of Mexico. [Read More]