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Some critics believe that a law defining Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people is a threat to the Jewish people. This is audacious... [Read More]
Official: No 'true agreement' without return of soldier's bodies, civilians... [Read More]
Attempt to remove Israeli flag leads to banning two from town... [Read More]
A suicide bomber struck a private education center in a Shiite neighborhood of Kabul on Wednesday where high school graduates were preparing for university entrance... [Read More]
ISRAEL-PALESTINIANS/INVESTIGATION:Israel finds no cause for criminal charges in deadly Gaza war raid... [Read More]
Las fuerzas armadas israelíes dijeron el miércoles que su investigación de uno de los incidentes más sangrientos de la guerra de Gaza en 2014 revela... [Read More]
IDF ombudsman is told that tn the past, several good officers would compete for every position. Now a special effort is being made to recruit... [Read More]
At least 48 people killed and 67 wounded as suicide bomber targets students in Kabul. [Read More]
Some 77 Israeli films will take part in the festival, 72 of which will be premieres. NIS 1 million in new post-production grants will be... [Read More]
After months of planning, lone soldiers finally realize their dream: Protecting their homeland. [Read More]
He also pledged to continue payments to Palestinian security prisoners and families of "martyrs" killed while carrying out terrorist attacks against Israel. [Read More]
Understandings of cease-fire, mediated by Egypt and UN, are based on the principles that were agreed upon at the end of 2014 Gaza war... [Read More]
The adjudicator accused "infiltrators" of "rampant crime." Lawyers and human rights organizations: This is a political manifesto citing false reports the tribunal head heard in... [Read More]
'It was a loss for us,' Khamenei says regarding his decision to allow Iranian foreign minister to speak with U.S. in 2015 about a nuclear... [Read More]
Could Tesla's mission be accelerated thanks to money coming from Saudi Arabia, the world's biggest oil producer? That would be a powerful symbol of the... [Read More]
Israel's military on Wednesday closed its probe into a deadly 2014 assault in Gaza that followed the capture of a soldier despite a rights group's... [Read More]
The Israeli government just launched a three-year program to boost investments in cybersecurity companies. [Read More]– Israel has lodged an official protest with the International Criminal Court concerning a recent campaign by the court that cast... [Read More]
The explosion tore through a tent serving as classroom, killing teenagers studying for a university entrance examination. [Read More]
55th Artillery Battalion clears tons of trash from 2 km. of waterway's banks... [Read More]