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Rock climbing, it turns out, is not my thing. I discover this, somewhat unnervingly, as I cling to a sheer rock face by my fingernails,... [Read More]
Syrians have poured across their borders since anti-government protests in 2011 spiraled into a full-blown conflict between rebels, Islamist militants, government troops and foreign backers. [Read More]
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday stressed the importance of working with "right and legitimate" actors in the fight against terrorism during a meeting with... [Read More]
ELYAKIM MILITARY BASE, Israel — Between a collection of concrete buildings with Arabic graffiti that are designed to simulate a typical Lebanese village, dozens of... [Read More]
The breakthrough follows a year of secret talks through official and unofficial channels, as well as promises of economic assistance to the Central American country. [Read More]
Despite the stardust, America's UN ambassador can't be Israel's savior in the international community. Only Israel itself has the power to end Israel bashing at... [Read More]
Meet the Syrian woman who takes photos of elderly citizens in the Old City of Damascus. [Read More]
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu resolved a dispute with his finance minister on Thursday over broadcast regulation, an issue that had put a strain on... [Read More]
The Defense Department on Thursday released the name of an airman who died in Syria while supporting Operation Inherent Resolve. [Read More]
Follow Your Money... [Read More]
Italian designer and founder of A&V Fashion, Antonio Vietri, has embarked on a unique venture to make 24-carat gold shoes, which he plans to promote... [Read More]
The number of Syrians who have fled their country after six years of war has surpassed the five-million mark, the United Nations refugee agency said... [Read More]
Compromise deal to create new division that will over see news broadcasts on Channel 1 and Israel Radio. [Read More]
United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres arrived in Iraq on Thursday amid a growing humanitarian crisis due to months-long fighting against the Islamic State group in... [Read More]
Bitcoin tends to attract anarchists and political radicals. But few are as committed to the cause as Amir Taaki — a prominent Bitcoin developer who... [Read More]
A look at the best photos from around the world today. [Read More]
Bankruptcy attorney David Friedman has been sworn in as U.S. envoy to Israel, becoming President Donald Trump's first ambassador to take office. (March 29) [Read More]
For students who support Israel, being armed with the tools to successfully fight anti-Israel sentiments has proven crucial. [Read More]
In 2014, the Safed Rabbinical Court issued an innovative ruling in Jewish law issuing a bill of divorce to a woman whose husband was in... [Read More]
Netanyahu, Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon reach deal on public broadcasting dispute. [Read More]