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On Feb. 16, the Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) welcomed hundreds of students, faculty, staff and community members to the 2018 Spring Festival Gala.... [Read More]
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The saying was repeated all day: The next best thing to being at the NCAA Tournament is being in Las Vegas for the tournament. Being... [Read More]
Who has stepped on the scale, sighed loudly, then considered ditching the now 12-week-old New Year's resolution for french fries and a malt? [Read More]
You might turn off your home internet or cell network on occasion to disconnect and have some down time, but it's likely that your country... [Read More]
ISPs in Bali are switching off mobile services to mark the country's New Year, which is a sacred time for reflection. Authorities requested the companies... [Read More]
Raw mango is the star ingredient in the regional New Year spread across India. Women from a cross-section of cultures share recipes that have been... [Read More]
In Indonesia, one of world's most connected nations, mobile providers will take island offline to mark Nyepi this Saturday... [Read More]
Internet service providers in Bali will be switching off mobile services this weekend for 24 hours to mark the Indonesian island's annual day of silence.... [Read More]
The school district will decrease its observance of the Jewish New Year from two days to one  to minimize disruptions in the academic calendar.School Committee... [Read More]
A community garden at the corner of East 9th Street and Avenue C welcomed neighbors to a celebration of the new season and the new year.... [Read More]
Eighteen wellness influencers, from nutritionists to celebrity trainers to healthy start-up founders, share their healthy New Year's resolutions. [Read More]
Heartsisters held its first meeting of 2018 at the home of Jan Shepherd. [Read More]
Iranians welcome the arrival of spring with an ancient fire festival known as "Chaharshanbe Suri" or "Red Wednesday." [Read More]
A man convicted in a wrong-way crash that killed a woman and a foreign exchange student on New Year's Eve 2016 will spend the rest... [Read More]
The Farhang Foundation brought musical performances, dancers and the annual Nowruz Spring Walk with Persian costumes to Dickson Court. [Read More]
There's a new record state budget for the state of Florida. Where can we expect the funds to go? [Read More]
"Hearthstone" patch 10.4 adds The Witchwood, Arena Changes and a Year Of the Raven party. [Read More]
Are you searching for job opportunities & professional recruiters? Remember to give your resume an update to start the new year! Read more to know... [Read More]