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Proving, perhaps, that President Trump's idea for a military parade is indeed a Department of Defense project,the price tag came in last week at between... [Read More]
Editor, It seems like every time I turn around someone is trying to sell me their baked goods, T-shirts, and frozen cookie dough, or get... [Read More]
Aug. 20... [Read More]
Finding a carelessly discarded syringe in our community can be scary and frustrating. Have you ever wondered why people discard used needles in inappropriate places?... [Read More]
News-Miner opinion: What is on your mind? What do you think of our news stories today? What did you think of our editorials? What is... [Read More]
Dismissing Bernier as a nativist, or white nationalist, or simply racist is just more of the reflexive, ad hominem groupthink that's currently so fashionable. [Read More]
An economic slowdown in the weeks prior to the midterm could hand the Speaker's gavel to Nancy Pelosi. [Read More]
The extent to which senior Obama administration officials facilitated anti-Trump political opposition research efforts seems to grow every day. [Read More]
President Trump would like to nail down a trade accomplishment before the midterm elections in November, understanding that he needs to focus more on his... [Read More]
Berkeley Police Department's effort to deter crime by publishing photos of those arrested during a protest was pointless and humiliating. [Read More]
It's about time that the government and the private sector collaborates to create low cost housing for the migrants, who have made Gurugram their home. [Read More]
The anti-abortion fanatics, just like their white supremacist cousins, have been emboldened by Trump's bigotry and xenophobia. [Read More]
"This article is almost comical. It must be nice living in affluent Linwood." [Read More]
Shannon Portillo explains why it's important to engage students in the evaluation of their course participation from the first day of class. [Read More]
If you're looking for the typical developer vs. preservationist feud, you won't find it here. And that's a good thing. It means there yet might... [Read More]
Here are Sunday's letters to the editor, which we inadvertently failed to publish to the website:... [Read More]
When the courts rule against laws our legislature has passed, which they often do, it never seems to enter lawmakers' minds that those rulings are... [Read More]
"What is a border? Why does migration have to mean anything more than moving? What do congressional immigration policies mean to those most intimately impacted... [Read More]
Argus Leader Letters to the Editor for August 21... [Read More]
The news media has a shaky grasp of the Constitution. It's true the First Amendment promises freedom of the press, but the Constitution does... [Read More]