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Wednesday is Single Parent Appreciation Day. The 12 million single parents in America are no different than you. We have just been dealt a crappy... [Read More]
There is a mystery behind people with intellectual disabilities. I find that in many ways that they are a presence of Jesus. [Read More]
I'm a rock-ribbed conservative who wants Republicans to keep control of Congress. But I'm not unhappy that Republican state Rep. Rick Saccone appears to have... [Read More]
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, who met with President Trump at the White House Tuesday on his three-week visit to the U.S., is hoping... [Read More]
Wednesday is World Down Syndrome Day, a day when the syndrome draws increased attention. No person wants their child to have Down syndrome. But some... [Read More]
The Trudeau government has chosen a most inhospitable plot of land that is replete with Islamic terrorism, child soldiers, torrid temperatures and a raging civil... [Read More]
Imagine how excited 75 percent of the Oklahoma Legislature must be to discover that to date, despite widely perceived incompetence, they've yet to draw opponents. [Read More]
Editor, Daily Press:... [Read More]
Betsy DeVos is terrible at her job and must resign before she does further damage to public education and the charter schools she claims to... [Read More]
She is poised to do what few legislators have ever done in Sacramento: master the political insider contest that results in being elected leader of... [Read More]
It began with a simple two-note figure: one long, two short, played on the bass, the genesis of what became the first No. 1 hit... [Read More]
This is not your grandpa's Krypton, promise the Syfy show's star Cameron Cuffe and executive producer Cameron Welsh. [Read More]
Another SXSW is in the books, and this year, we saw a pretty eclectic variety of films. Here are the best of the bunch. [Read More]
Residents in both Los Angeles County and city who live below fire-scarred mountains are being ordered to evacuate before a powerful storm that could trigger... [Read More]
By D. Eric Schansberg Larry Kudlow and Brian Domitrovic have written "JFK and the Reagan Revolution" — a helpful history on their dramatic "supply-side" reductions... [Read More]
From: Empty Bowls Steering Committee (Beth Parkhurst, Denise Engel, Melanie Bachmeyer, Shirley Trapp, Courtney Kinnick, Carrie Douglas, Sarah Grey) Columbus Each winter, the annual Empty... [Read More]
Ever take one of those silly personality tests on Facebook? Your friends took the quiz ("What city should you actually live in?" was a popular... [Read More]
All journeys begin with a first step.Alamance County took that step Monday night when the County Board of Commissioners voted 4–1 to allow two bonds... [Read More]
Cyber security has become one of the most pressing national security issues. It's not only evident worldwide, but close to home in the Hoosier state.... [Read More]
A Pico Rivera teacher whose anti-military rant was caught on video and drew widespread condemnation has been terminated from his post, the school board president... [Read More]