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A federal judge ruled that the National Rifle Association must disclose the names of two teenagers if it wants to use them in a lawsuit... [Read More]
The Parkland, Florida, school massacre has had little lasting impact on U.S. views on gun control, three months after the shooting deaths of 17 people... [Read More]
The Lees quadruplets from Michigan are joining the Air Force, Navy, Marines and Air National Guard after graduating from high school. [Read More]
Big Tech finds a new defense for its rampant censorship... [Read More]
The science involved in making a match on Tinder is rudimentary at best: you can narrow your pool of potential baes by age and distance,... [Read More]
Last weekend, Zeinab Abdalla walked across the stage at her graduation from the University of St. Thomas in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Less than 24 hours... [Read More]
An Austrian privacy group is wasting no time. [Read More]
The parents of a student killed last week during the mass shooting at Santa Fe High School are seeking $1 million in a wrongful death... [Read More]
A credit union boss in Jackson, Michigan, takes herself out of the equation to give each employee a $5,000 raise... [Read More]
Marine Lloyd never stopped serving. He's just wearing a different uniform. A decorated combat veteran, Blair founded "Veteran Barbers for Veterans," a charity that trains... [Read More]
Saving lives is in Bill O'Hara's blood. For 20 years O'Hara spends every other Sunday morning at the Central Blood Bank in Monroeville to donate... [Read More]
Google and LG Display have joined forces to design the clearest OLED display to date. ... [Read More]
Even rock stars have to comply with the sweeping new data privacy law that takes effect in Europe on Friday. [Read More]
Trump won't be getting that Nobel Prize. [Read More]
OPEC and Venezuela are taking a bite out of global oil supply. [Read More]
President Donald Trump will sign executive orders restricting the unions that represent many of the U.S. government's 2.1 million employees, the White House said Friday. [Read More]
There's probably a perfectly good explanation for it, and there is absolutely no reason to be alarmed, but hundreds of great white sharks are congregating…... [Read More]
May 30 is the unofficial date for averting a special election this year if the McCain seat is vacant. A successor appointed by the GOP... [Read More]
Victoria's Secret's sister brand, Pink, has stepped up promotions on core products, and analysts are worried that the strategy is eating into margins. We visited... [Read More]
Liza Birkenmeier's play is an alienating exercise in extreme absurdism. [Read More]