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President Donald Trump arrives in Minnesota Wednesday as the unquestioned leader of the state Republican Party's officeholders, activists and rank-and-file — a marked change from... [Read More]
President Trump's daughter and White House adviser Ivanka Trump is making a quick stop in Fresno Monday for a Republican fundraiser. [Read More]
Track Palin has formally entered into a diversion court program after assaulting his father so severely that it left him bleeding from the head. [Read More]
Ted Cruz has staged a dramatic about-face on the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" immigration policies, laying bare how politically damaging the issue of separating children... [Read More]
The Richmond School Board voted to rename J.E.B. Stuart Elementary School, where about 90 percent of students are black, after President Barack Obama. [Read More]
Authorities say five people have been charged in a "smuggling scheme" following the fatal crash of an SUV that was fleeing Border Patrol agents and... [Read More]
Tuesday was a run for a cause across the city of Fresno. [Read More]
Richard Painter, the former Bush White House ethics lawyer turned Democratic candidate for the United States Senate, claimed Tuesday that raised "middle fingers" are the only... [Read More]
The remains of a soldier from Gary who was captured and killed during the Korean War have been identified. The remains of Army Pfc. David... [Read More]
The Missouri Democratic Party is suing to try to block the appointment of Mike Kehoe as lieutenant governor, reviving a longstanding debate over whether the... [Read More]
A trailer burned to the ground Sunday night in Young, destroying two vehicles. [Read More]
Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer has denied pardons for 21 state inmates, including a man who helped kill a pregnant Wichita teenager 12 years ago. The... [Read More]
A defense attorney for three members of the group MOVE says he's confused why one was paroled and two others were denied despite having similar... [Read More]
One of the Republicans called Katie Arrington's position on offshore drilling "a deal-breaker." [Read More]
Former FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday pushed back against Hillary Clinton's criticism that he used a private email during his investigation into her use of... [Read More]
The House is set to take up two immigration bills later this week, but it is unclear whether either can pass — potentially leaving the... [Read More]
Attorneys for James A. Wolfe, 57, are seeking the unusual court order, claiming that Trump's prior public statements about the case have "threatened" their client's... [Read More]
This story will be updated as more representatives respond.WASHINGTON -- As Republicans prepare to meet with President Donald Trump Tuesday evening... [Read More]