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The announcement by Vice President Mike Pence last week that the Pentagon will stand up a Space Force suddenly has drawn attention to the issue... [Read More]
A new NASA video tour of the moon captures breathtaking views of the lunar surface. [Read More]
"He rocks in the treetops all day longHoppin' and a-boppin' and singing his songAll the little birds on Jaybird StreetLove to hear the robin go... [Read More]
Aside from balloons and making our voice squeaky, what use is helium? [Read More]
The Hubble Space Telescope has been at work for almost three decades, but it's still learning new skills — like how to squeeze an incredible... [Read More]
No one loves a good competition more than Hackaday. We run enough to keep anyone busy. But if you have a little spare time after... [Read More]
Flushing daily disposable lenses down the toilet is increasing the threat from plastics, say experts. [Read More]
The European Space Agency has done it again. It has scooped NASA with a new discovery: a subglacial lake on Mars, with potentially billions of... [Read More]
Mars Society co-founder says robotic landers and rovers aren't enough. [Read More]
DRAWN FROM NATURE Author and illustrator: Helen Ahpornsiri Big Picture Press, $22, 64 pages; ages 8 and older British artist Helen Ahpornsiri creates illustrations using... [Read More]
Underwear choice could be crucialElevated temperature of the scrotum can adversely affect sperm production, but studies of the effect of underwear style — boxers or... [Read More]
Sworn in as chief in January, Spizarny recently spoke with Lisa Thompson about anti-violence initiatives, community partnerships, racism and more. [Read More]
What does it take to relocate a herd of wild giraffes in Africa? One man, his family, and a band of enthusiastic helpers are about... [Read More]
What if the big 2020 issue is not left-right — but hot-cold or wet-dry? What if the big 2020 issue is not "Who lost Russia?"... [Read More]
Data is coming rapidly with a brand new degree of opinions. That's superb, and I'm searching in advance to seeing how the wider public debates... [Read More]
As Megan Marie Van Fossan takes the helm of Ringgold for the start of a new school year, she brings a passion for learning and... [Read More]
The photographer has been documenting life at the poles for years. He is determined to safeguard these fragile habitats... [Read More]
The charge is on to confirm the president's appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, and we hear both happiness and concern about how... [Read More]