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In the age of standardized testing, screen time and what some see as a generation of excessively coddled children, a new movement of preschools is... [Read More]
Sellersburg Municipal Works Director Ken Alexander is resigning, citing a "hostile work environment" and "slanderous allegations damaging [his] reputation" in a resignation letter. [Read More]
Halfway between New Zealand and Tonga lies a sub-tropical island paradise few will ever visit. [Read More]
A dinosaur that seemed to be an evolutionary mishmash turns out to have a key place in history. [Read More]
NASA and the National Science Foundation have created important experiments for backyard astronomers to complete during the solar eclipse on Aug. 21. [Read More]
Social dominance theory postulates that societies maintain their hierarchies by creating and promoting social beliefs that keep dominant groups on top. [Read More]
This eight-item test is designed to measure your preference for social inequality. [Read More]
DO NOT FEED THE BEARS! DO NOT FEED THE DEER! How many such signs have you seen in every national park you ever visited? One... [Read More]
The Houston Nature Center and Luther College Entomology Professor Kirk Larsen will be hosting "Monarch Butterflies: a Disappearing Phenomenon?" at 7 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 26,... [Read More]
It looks like somebody spilled paint on Saturn in a Cassini spacecraft image showing the planet's fascinating cloud patterns. [Read More]
Researchers at Oregon State University have discovered seven perfectly-preserved flowers entombed in amber that are old enough to have been bumped out of a tree... [Read More]
After blocking polystyrene at city facilities and events last year, Pasadena's ban on the popular takeout packagi... [Read More]
'Chilesaurus is one of the most puzzling and intriguing dinosaurs ever discovered'... [Read More]
The team from NASA EDGE arrived at SIU Tuesday. [Read More]
A new study suggests that some of the death's of the crew on the 1845 Franklin expedition in the Arctic may have been due to... [Read More]
Experts say they are caused by the wavy way fluids interact in the planet's atmosphere. [Read More]
Anchovies are falling into an 'evolutionary trap' created by vast amount of plastic waste being dumped in the sea... [Read More]
Watch Atlanta news videos from WSB-TV. The latest local news videos from the Atlanta Metro area. Sports, crime, and the latest entertainment. [Read More]
NASA and ESA were able to track the CME as it moved from the Sun all the way past Pluto. This marks a revolutionary find,... [Read More]
Researchers from the University of Cambridge suggest that some Chilesaurus started eating meat while others started eating plants, leading to a split between the two... [Read More]