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An unnamed woman says the mega-producer sexually assaulted her four years ago—the first accusation that clearly falls within the statute of limitations. [Read More]
Carles Puigdemont's father says, "Independence is in our blood." His uncle remembers he was always "stubborn as a mule," and says proudly he'll probably be thrown in jail. [Read More]
A new version of Harvey Fierstein's late 1970s play stars Michael Urie as wisecracking drag queen Arnold Beckoff, confronting the meaning of love and a fearsome mother. [Read More]
Barely half of the island has drinkable water, leaving volunteers from the U.S. to provide the basic necessities of life while the federal government drags behind. [Read More]
The South Florida congresswoman was in Myeshia Johnson's car because she had known La David Johnson since he was a schoolboy. She. Is. Not. Lying. [Read More]
Twenty herpes sufferers flew to St. Kitts for a vaccine trial led by a researcher whose company is backed by Peter Thiel. What followed were side effects and renewed outbreaks. [Read More]
The top New York bartender tackles our speed round of questions. [Read More]
Time to take a page out of Mitch McConnell's playbook and try to make Trump a one-termer. The surest way: Beat him and the GOP on tax reform. [Read More]
She catfished an innocent woman, got her jailed—and wanted to sell the story to Lifetime. [Read More]
The Public Enemy frontman, whose self-titled debut album with Prophets of Rage is available now, sounds off on President Trump—and the 'sinister' people in his orbit. [Read More]
The Catalan government has systematically silenced more than half of Catalan society—the non-independentistas—and has imposed a unilateral path toward secession. [Read More]
"There is no girl on the planet that wants to see Harvey Weinstein naked," the legendary radio host told Jimmy Kimmel. [Read More]
The scene-stealing actress has spent almost her entire life developing a show about crafting. You'd never imagine how entertaining it would end up being. A chat with Amy Sedaris. [Read More]
Big Business was under pressure not to give to the 2016 Republican National Convention. So companies like Comcast, Microsoft, and Koch found a way to keep their cash cloaked. [Read More]
'Muslims are not allowed to settle here or stay overnight,' reads a sign. 'No one here is allowed to marry a Muslim. Anyone breaking the rules will be labeled a traitor.'... [Read More]
Coleman endured rape, the murder of her first child, and a terrifying rescue. A psychologist who has talked to hundreds of hostages looks at the challenges ahead for her family. [Read More]
While a tax reform fight rages on Capitol Hill, a private battle is pitting a hedge fund owned by Robert Mercer, one of the president's most powerful backers, against the IRS. [Read More]
In one burned-out neighborhood, only six houses survived. Getting back is almost as hard as getting out was. [Read More]
For decades the company has recruited students for 'direct sales,' and many say they were misled and left unpaid. [Read More]
'We all have masculine and feminine in us,' says Elizabeth DeShong, one of a group of women playing five lead male characters at New York City's Metropolitan Opera. [Read More]