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Meghan Markle's invite to Christmas 2017 at the Queen's Sandringham Estate is a very public seal of royal approval. [Read More]
Can a Disney classic keep pace with a golden era of children's theatrical masterpieces? [Read More]
Ebenezer Bassett was the first American diplomat to offer a dissident asylum— and in doing so, became the first to defy his bosses at the Department of State. [Read More]
The Daily Beast presents a look at one of the most insane houses in the world. [Read More]
The popular Netflix series is the first project starring a man accused of sexual misconduct to air completely as planned. And it's a troubling watch in the age of #MeToo. [Read More]
From New York to San Francisco, these establishments aren't skimping on decorations and good cheer. [Read More]
For years, Republicans have been expert at using just the right words to demean Democrats. Doug Jones turned those tables in a big way. Democrats should take notice. [Read More]
In defense of the sheer ambition of these prequels, which come arguably closest to what a 'space opera' should be. [Read More]
The impending vote gives Trump his first big legislative victory after nearly a year in office, but the real winners will be America's largest corporations and wealthiest citizens. [Read More]
It's a lot easier to rob, kidnap, and kill with a badge. In the 1990s, crews of hitmen dressed as NYPD roamed the Big Apple until a detective and an ATF joined forces to stop them. [Read More]
Knicks owner and former Weinstein Co. board member James Dolan lost his team's $11M sexual harassment suit in 2007, but hasn't stopped shaming the accuser ever since. [Read More]
All the first lady's nephews wanted to do was raise a few million dollars in a cocaine deal. Many members of the Venezuelan regime's elite were doing it. What could go wrong? [Read More]
A new report by the Australian Royal Commission, looking into widespread child sex abuse, says celibacy and confession are to blame for the Catholic Church's pedophile priests. [Read More]
The Pentagon will allow transgender people to enlist in the military on Jan. 1. But some potential recruits are deterred by the threat of a future trans ban. [Read More]
Bannon is vile. But SiriusXM's Progress Radio, where I have a show, is the only national progressive radio outlet out there. Losing it would be self-defeating. [Read More]
Things fell apart for Nixon when he dropped below 30 percent approval in his second term. Trump is getting there in his first year. [Read More]
Once a year Putin makes a show of opening himself up to questions, and a few are posed by brave, critical journalists. Thursday they put him on the spot. [Read More]
A 6-year-old boy in the state and a clever legal argument in 1979 combined to make Mississippi the nation's leader in childhood vaccines. [Read More]
The huge success of the George Lucas franchise has convinced Hollywood and audiences that sci-fi need be no more than action movies in space. Sci-fi authors beg to differ. [Read More]
Dorie Greenspan, author of the James Beard Award-winning cookbook 'Dorie's Cookies,' shares her best holiday baking tips and a delicious recipe. [Read More]