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Nick Brandt: This Empty World published by Thames and Hudson "When people think of Africa, they still think of these sort of vast, open plains of animals," Nick Brandt said. "They think of wilderness." To Brandt, nothing could be further from the truth. The renowned photographer, whose fifth project, This Empty World, came out this week, has tackled the uncomfortable friction between the natural world and the human world for decades in his work. This collection steps up the urgency several notches with photographs that are cinematic, disturbing, and almost absurd, juxtaposing the wild with the civilized in a... [Read More]
Alex Wong/Getty Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report was supposedly going to be completed as early as next week. Until it wasn't. Over the past few days, a number of major media outlets—including NBC News, the Washington Post, and CNN—reported that newly-confirmed Attorney General William Barr was preparing to announce the conclusion of the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. But on Friday, Department of Justice sources said that the report would not be released next week. Read more at The Daily Beast. [Read More]
Getty Death and taxes are frequently said to be the only two things that are certain in life, but I would definitely add the law of unintended consequences to the list. Frequently, our attempts to make the world a better place end up creating new, unforeseen moral and ethical dilemmas. Single stream recycling, for example, and its method of crushing of contents together began as a way to get more non-recyclers to participate. The ease of turning in all of our recycling using only one bin, however, wreaks havoc on glass, turning one of the most recyclable materials... [Read More]
Michael Ochs Archives/Getty/Photo illustration by The Daily Beast In 1927, 22-year-old silent film star Clara Bow would tell her protective father she was going to Joan Crawford's house, then she would drive to the USC campus to pick up her friends on the football team and take them to the secret room she maintained at the Garden of Allah hotel on Sunset Boulevard. Once there, they would party the night away before taking a sunrise dip in the pool. In 1949, when Ronald Reagan's first marriage was heading towards divorce, the future president moved into the hotel, where his... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast A Coast Guard member accused of plotting a terror spree had ties to the white power scene for decades. But it was amid a rise in white supremacist activity under President Donald Trump that he allegedly planned mass murder. In court filings this week, prosecutors accused white supremacist Christopher Hasson of planning "to murder innocent civilians on a scale rarely seen in this country." Hasson is only charged with drug and weapons offenses. But the court filings this week argue to keep him behind bars until trial, on the grounds that he is... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by Lyne Lucien/The Daily Beast As a very pregnant Meghan Markle made her way Wednesday night onto the tarmac for a ride back to the UK on Amal Clooney's Gulfstream, there was a definite sense that we were witnessing a sea change in the presentation of the British royal family, and the birth of its first truly international superstar. On Saturday, Meghan is due to touch down in Morocco. Meghan and Harry are bound to receive a rapturous reception as they spend three days touring the deeply conservative Islamic kingdom, with a mixed human rights record, where... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by Lyne Lucien/The Daily Beast The top-secret treason trial of a cybercrime analyst wrapped up this week after months of testimony behind the closed doors of a Moscow military court, with prosecutors reportedly demanding 20 years in a penal colony for the crime of allegedly snitching on Russian cyber criminals to American investigators. A verdict is expected on February 27. Ruslan Stoyanov is a one-time cyber cop who went on to head the computer incidents investigation team at the cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab. He stood trial with Col. Sergei Mikhailov, who was second in command in... [Read More]
and well into spring. The sale section can easily be sorted by product type and there's even a section for items that are 50% off and above (without the additional discount). You could end up paying $10 or $15 for a piece of business casual clothing that will last you season after season. Read more at The Daily Beast. [Read More]
Because we watch Trumpland TV so you don't have to, we learned that NewsMax TV host Joe Pags believes that it is unfair for Jussie Smollett to still be a cast member on Fox's Empire while being charged with a federal crime—as opposed to Roseanne Barr, who was fired from ABC last year for a racist tweet against former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett. "This is all so biased and very sad. In Jussie Smollett's case, anything where he appears should be boycotted. I, for one, will do that," a caller said who dialed into the show. She was particularly... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by Lyne Lucien/The Daily Beast YouTube has started pulling ads from videos that have inappropriate comments posted under them, panicking video creators amid a crackdown on alleged pedophile networks on the site. On Thursday night, YouTube staff tweeted that a video could lose its ads—and the money those ads make for video creators—if "inappropriate" messages are posted in the comments section. "Even if your video is suitable for advertisers, inappropriate comments could result in your video receiving limited or no ads," the YouTube tweet read. Read more at The Daily Beast. Got a tip? Send it to... [Read More]
IFC This week: Documentary Now! Honestly Has No Business Being This Good Read more at The Daily Beast. [Read More]
Fifty years ago, TV was simple: you had a few channels to watch at any given time, and a clicker that could adjust the volume or change the channel. But over time, things have gotten more complex. Now you might have a cable box, streaming device, and gaming console all hooked up at once, each with their own remotes full of buttons. That's a lot of clutter on your coffee table. You'd be forgiven for thinking remote control technology hasn't come all that far, but there are better options out there. And while some radically new remotes are starting... [Read More]
Everyone should have self-powered jump starter in their car to avoid ever getting stuck with a dead battery — and today's discount on Amazon's top-selling jump starter from Trekpow is your opportunity to grab one. Hopefully, you won't be using this powerhouse too often, but that's not the point. The value here is buying it while it's on sale for $63 — it normally runs for $90. Store it in your trunk and forget about it and if the time comes when you need a jumpstart, you'll be happy to find it in the back of your car.... [Read More]
LOFT is cutting prices on already marked down items by an additional 40% — covering the gamut from tops to dresses and leggings to skirts. Seriously, there's a lot on sale and with this extra 40% enveloping anything you buy from the sale section, it's highly advisable you scroll through these many, many options. Tops on sale include this Anemone covered-button blouse is $18 after combining all savings. Or take a look at the neck peplum blouse for $27. We're also liking this simple, bird-striped shirt and this minimalist back-buttoned mock neck top. Some of these items are on... [Read More]
Aimerito Photography The ComfyCush shoes look like normal Vans on the outside, simple and sleek. But their secret is buried under the canvas. With an innovative one-piece constructed interior, ComfyCush foam (a branded way of saying memory foam), a moisture-wicking lining, and added arch support, the new ComfyCush Vans shoes are, well, pretty damn comfy. As someone that spent a lot of her youth in Vans, I can attest to the less than enjoyable experience of breaking them (and most sneakers, if we're being honest) in. But after wearing brand new shoes for over two hours, I genuinely... [Read More]
Elisabetta A. Villa/Getty ROME — Italy's interior minister and vice premier, Matteo Salvini, went off the grid for 12 hours during an official state visit to Moscow last October. Tales of Russian prostitutes seemed to explain the time lapse for the single statesman. But a new exposé by the Italian newsmagazine L'Espresso suggests that his time may have been spent doing something far more sinister: he may have been making backroom deals with Russian operatives ahead of European Parliamentary elections. The investigation, which the magazine says was conducted over several months, comes to the conclusion that Russian president... [Read More]
In the wake of the shocking allegation that Empire star Jussie Smollett staged his own attack over a salary dispute, Fox News aired commentary that was surprisingly nuanced and appropriate. At least, for a little while. In a panel moderated by Fox & Friends' Ainsley Earhardt, Chicago pastor Corey Brooks, former congressional press secretary Rochelle Ritchie, and Democratic strategist Richard Fowler expanded on why Smollett's alleged lies shouldn't distract from the reality of racist and homophobic violence in America. Read more at The Daily Beast. Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast here... [Read More]
Getty Seventy-five years ago, Vic Bergeron—known to pretty much everyone as Trader Vic— invented the Mai Tai. He was behind his bar in Oakland one night in 1944, and he was mixing up some new drinks. He slid one across the bar to his friends, Carrie and Ham Guild, who were visiting from their home in Tahiti. The drink had a base of funky Jamaican and Martinique rums, and was further enlivened with the flavors of orange and lime, and a fleeting hint of almond. The Guilds sipped, their eyes widened, and they proclaimed in Tahitian "Mai tai roa... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast Daryl Khan was desperate when he first considered using concentrated hydrogen peroxide—more than 10 times the strength typically found in drugstores—to treat his wife Susan's uterine cancer. Susan was diagnosed in 2010, underwent surgery and radiation, and thought she had it beat. But in October 2015, a recurring pain in her abdomen twice landed her in the emergency room. A few weeks later, doctors gave her the news no one wants to hear: The cancer was not only back, but it was spreading. "It's hard to fathom the level of grubby exploitation... [Read More]
Ethan Miller/Getty Once upon a time, it would have been unthinkable for America to nominate an avowed socialist who complimented the Castro regime, defended Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega, attacked 150 years of American imperialism, and—after visiting Moscow—praised the Soviet Union's youth and cultural programs. Yet, Bernie Sanders' second quest for the Democratic nomination got off to an incredibly strong start this week, when he hauled in nearly $6 million within 24 hours of announcing his intention. Many early polls (including one in Iowa) show him trailing only Joe Biden—a man who might not even run. Sanders is also currently crushing... [Read More]